When it comes to thoughtful and inspired home design and renovations, Christina and Robert of @newdarlings are seasoned and passionate experts. One of their recent projects was a bedroom makeover for their son, and when it came to choosing the perfect “big kid bed” for the little guy, they chose Oeuf’s River Twin Bed and a Naturepedic Verse Kids Organic Mattress to make the nighttime transition as seamless, stylish and sustainable as possible.

Simple Style And Peace Of Mind

Oeuf’s River Twin Bed has a modern, space-saving design that can easily complement any kid’s room. New Darlings say they also loved the accessibility of its lower height “so he can climb in and out easily and I don’t have a heart attack in the middle of the night.“ Oeuf, a family-run, sustainable children’s furniture and lifestyle brand, is dedicated to a quality over quantity approach, and they take pride in carefully crafting modern, eco-friendly pieces with intuitive designs that make kids feel confident and comfortable, while also putting parents’ minds at ease. Paired with the Verse Kids Organic Mattress, which provides firm support for growing children, your little one will be all set to make the move from baby to big kid. “Seeing him excited about his big bed has been the sweetest thing,” Christina says.

Flexible Features

When imagining the perfect bedroom for their son, New Darlings wanted to create a space that could evolve and change along with him. “We went with a twin size bed vs a toddler bed so that he could grow into it, but we added a safety rail on the side so he still could feel secure and comfortable.” The River Twin’s safety rail can be added to any side of the bed, and a small bench at the foot of the bed can double as an extra storage space, or an easy perch for your little one to read or play on. Keeping future sleepovers in mind, the River Twin also has the option to add a trundle, which tucks away when not in use, and can even act as additional storage for linens and clothes too. In addition, the Naturepedic Verse Kids Mattress has premium encased coils under supportive, organic cotton filling and wool batting to ensure maximum comfort that also promotes airflow and regulates temperature effortlessly.

Kid And Environmentally Friendly

One of the most important things for New Darlings when designing their kid room makeover was choosing eco-friendly pieces: “I love that @urbannaturalhome focuses on curating beautiful furniture that is sustainable and non-toxic.” The Oeuf River Twin is not only sustainably produced from Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF, but its finishes are also non-toxic, water-based, and free of VOC health hazards. The Verse Mattress uses only certified organic materials, and is designed without common allergens, glues, toxic materials, or flame retardant chemicals. When it comes to the wellbeing of your kids and home, these are two brands that definitely do their part to make a difference that really counts.

Organic Mattresses Are Good For Grownups Too!

We value the fine craftsmanship and superior design that our partner brands stand for, but we also believe in the value of high-quality furniture that’s built to last, and made with the health of people and the environment in mind. Whether you’re choosing a new bed for your children or for yourself, an organic mattress has a ton of ideal benefits. Not only are they made from higher quality materials like organic latex, which is naturally more resilient and cooling, but they also tend to be more durable and long-lasting than other mattresses, and that makes smart sense for your wallet in the long run. Organic cotton is well-suited for wear and tear, and easier to spot-clean too! Finally, the manufacturing of organic mattresses puts much less strain on the environment; couple that with their hypoallergenic properties, and you won’t find a smarter, more reliable option for every bedroom in your home.

Getting ready for a room makeover of your own? Reach out to our design experts anytime for a complimentary consultation, and we look forward to helping you with any design project, no matter the size.

January 13, 2023 — Urban Natural Team