Each time we welcome a new year, there’s always a buzz of change and excitement in the air. Whether you’re getting ready to decorate a room at home or reimagining your entire space for a breath of fresh air, design experts predict that 2023 is sure to be a year for individualism and making a statement (or two). Here are 5 furniture trends you don’t want to miss this year:

1. Get Your Patterns On

Isla Re-Invented Recliner by American Leather (Left), Remi Accent Chair by Cisco Home (Right)

In the spirit of making bold style moves this year, why not incorporate some patterned fabric and pops of texture in your furniture pieces? Our experts love the Cisco Rayas Noire stripes that offer a nice accent while effortlessly blending in with your current furniture. If you’re looking to draw a little attention to that office or living room corner, you might also try combining the comfort and ease of an Isla Re-invented recliner with the eye-catching pop of Pierce Ash fabric from American Leather. While last year was all about soft and simple color palettes and clean, muted patterns, 2023 will truly be a time to shine with more vibrant colors and patterned fabrics that really get those conversations started!

2. Natural Wood Finishes

Canterbury Bedroom Set by Maple Corner (Left), Bok Dining Table by Ethnicraft (Right)

While this year encourages a splash of creativity with the fabrics you choose for your furniture, it also continues a trend that has steadily gained ground for a few years. Our interest in natural wood finishes is rooted in the growing emphasis on sustainability, as well as the sense of cozy home and confidence that this look imparts. The Bok Dining Table in solid Oak, for example, not only brings a timeless simplicity to any family gathering space but is also entirely constructed of FSC certified wood. Similarly, Maple Corner Woodworks’ Canterbury Bedroom Set is crafted from sustainably sourced cherry, maple, or walnut wood, for a modern take on the Shaker style that retains all the familiar warmth of natural wood.

3. All About The Curve

Grace Sofa, Lena Coffee Table, Isaac Credenza by Cisco Home

Undeniably the standout at High Point Furniture Market was the curved sofas. Our in-house design experts say the curved sofa will be the sofa style of 2023, especially for the way these pieces seem to encourage conversation and social engagement. Consider the Parker Sofa for some living room inspiration, and imagine a gathering of friends getting together to laugh and catch up after too long apart. The Grace Sofa invites you to participate in the world around you because its low, curved back and rounded arms offer a less-obstructed view of everything (and everyone) around you.

4. Comfort-First Seating

Hayden Sectional by Cisco Home

Certainly, since 2020, our homes have become much more than mere spaces we spend rest and relaxation time. Design experts believe 2023 will continue to ride that live/work/play balance and place a high premium on comfort and functionality for all home (and home office) furnishings. Thayer Coggin’s “Pit” Sectional is a plush, Mid Century classic well-worth sinking into. The Donato Two Arm Sectional brings carefree comfort and ease into your space with an inviting seat and easy-care slipcover. At the beginning of a new year, there are infinite possibilities for designing your space to suit your big plans and resolutions comfortably.

5. Handcrafted And Built To Last

Iso Dining Collection by Copeland

One furniture design trend we’re particularly passionate about this year is the increasing emphasis on quality craftsmanship and handcrafted attention to detail. Makers and consumers have been steadily moving away from a one-size-fits-all, mass-produced model and leaning into a more built-to-last approach. Not only does this result in truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind pieces that stand the test of time, but it also reduces the amount of material waste our industry contributes to the environment. Many of our own workshop partners, in fact, are leaders in handcrafted, solid wood furniture-making and produce pieces of art and functional living that can be appreciated and enjoyed for generations to come.

Amber Lewis x Loloi Collection

If you’d like to learn more about our design tips and recommendations, or if you’re interested in consulting with one of our designers on the specifics of your own personal project, feel free to drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a very stylish, cozy new year!

January 06, 2023 — Urban Natural Team