Cereus Lamp

$ 230.00


The Cereus cactus, whose bright white flowers bloom only at night, is the inspiration for this whimsically beautiful lamp. The Cereus lamp is crafted from American basswood, sealed with an oil-based finish, and fitted with American-made hardware. This stunning lamp is both lightweight and durable.

Additional Information

Overall Dimensions:
Small Lamp: 10" Dia, 10" H
Medium Lamp: 10" Dia, 18" H
Large Lamp: 10" Dia, 24" H

How it is Made

The Five Ply Design team designs and creates all of their products by hand in Seattle, Washington. All materials used in the making of their modern and eco-friendly pieces are sourced from the United States. "Dedicated to providing beautiful solutions for your home and lifestyle," Five Ply Design is all about good, clean design.

Lead Times

3-4 Weeks


2-3 Weeks


We've got product specialists ready to help. Call us at (201) 330-1212 or send us an email hello@urbannatural.com.

About Five Ply Design

Five Ply Design is a design and manufacturing studio that provides home decor and furnishings for the modern home. Based in Seattle, Washington, Peter Benarcik founded Five Ply Design to provide the best design solutions and highest quality products for customers all across the US. All products are designed and built in-house, then hand-crafted from start to finish. A team of highly skilled and detail-driven artisans creates each piece for functionality, visual aesthetics, and environmental consciousness. All raw materials are sourced from FSC certified woods, and all-natural, noVOC finishes are used as often as possible.

While many traditional design firms rely on a singular design approach, Five Ply Design embraces the full spectrum of design sensibilities to produce quality products. The company has worked with both everyday homeowners and larger corporations like Levi, Crayola, Hallmark, Microsoft, and many more. The goal at Five Ply Design is to provide clients with the best design solutions at any scale in a timely, professional, and meaningful fashion.