Oxygen Pillow

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Achieve deeper sleep through deeper breathing with the Oxygen pillow. Healthy breathing is the single most important factor during sleep. It affects the quality of your sleep and directly impacts your overall health. Studies show that sleep deprivation or interruption -- common problems for people who snore or have sleep apnea -- can be contributing factors to many serious health issues.

The Oxygen Pillow has been designed specifically to aid airflow, creating the conditions for more restful, restorative sleep without sacrificing comfort.


  • Available in 4 different heights and 3 different firmnesses
  • Maintains proper spinal and neck support
  • Opens the airway for expanded lung capacity during sleep for easier breathing
  • Works for both back and side sleeping
  • Can be used in any direction
  • Oeko-Tex certified latex foam and fabric


To achieve proper alignment, you need the appropriate thickness and firmness from your pillow. And everyone is different. That’s why the Oxygen Pillow comes in a broad range of height and firmness options—you can find the “fit” that is right for you. Proper pillow size is a function of your primary sleep positions, the depth of your shoulders, the size and weight of your head, the length of your neck, the firmness of your mattress, and of course, what feels comfortable.

Standard Size Only 20" x 26"

Oxygen Pillows are designed to last about 2 years. For individuals who are more sensitive or might suffer from neck pain, they should be replaced every 1.5 years. Most customers report keeping their pillow for about 3-5 years.

Oxygen Pillows cannot be washed, we strongly recommend ordering a cover to protect your pillow.

Care Instructions: Spot clean only with the suds from mild soap and water with a soft cloth.

    Lead time: approx. 2 weeks (Most pillows are in-stock and ready to ship)

    *We encourage you to visit our showroom before purchasing your pillow to find the best fit for your needs. All pillows are final sale.*

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