Aloka Home reworks vintage quilts and pillows into quality pieces for the modern, cozy home. All items are salvaged, softened, and refreshed from carefully chosen quilts hand-stitched 60-80 years ago by Indian women. Aloka selects only quilts of the finest quality and highest material integrity. Pillows are made from as much of the same quilt as possible to reduce excess waste and make sets that breathe life and warmth into any room.

Each vintage piece is shampooed, softened, and naturally dyed in India before being cut and stitched in Aloka’s Atlanta studio. The team, a small group of textile specialists, chooses quilts based on complementary colors and hues with the vision of a larger, cohesive collection. Aloka is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind quilts and pillows that embody vintage beauty and comfort.