Vermont Furniture Designs

Vermont Furniture Designs is a well-known handcrafted heirloom furniture company based in Winooski, VT. By combining modern technology with traditional elements, Vermont Furniture strives to produce custom-quality pieces at a reasonable price. All furniture is crafted with professional craftsmanship, enhanced by unbroken lines of solid wood construction with a minimum of laminated or glued-together parts. Vermont Furniture believes that quality furniture should not be mass-produced. The production of quality furniture is an art form that requires adequate time, effort, and skill in traditional bench-craft fashion.

A small team of well-trained artisans work to create each piece by hand. With an array of beds, bookcases, dressers, and more, each collection is made with the best lumber available. Because none of the furniture is stained, each product’s color is matched to align with the rest of the collection. If any piece is not up to Vermont Furniture standard, it can be rejected by the craftsman at any time. Each solid wood piece is finished with an oil and wax derived from linseed oil: a natural, safe product that has been used to enhance the color, grain, and depth of wood for centuries. Vermont Furniture offers made-to-order products that provide superior function and long-lasting quality.