We all love the idea of a recliner, with its versatile positioning options that allow you to sit upright, lounge back, or even “recline” all the way down with the pull of a lever. In reality, however, the recliner has received a bad rap over the years as a “dad chair,” an ugly, albeit comfortable, eyesore that never quite seems to complement anything else in the room. If your opinion about this particular piece of furniture has been that a comfortable recliner can’t possibly have impeccable style as well, you’re in luck! The designers at American Leather have crafted some of the most gorgeous, innovative, and luxurious recliners we’ve ever seen, and they’ve even taken the chair’s versatility one step further by making them customizable too.

Meet the future of comfort and style with the Comfort-Air and Re-Invented recliners:

The Comfort Air

The proof is in the name – this recliner’s patented design was expertly crafted to cradle and move with your body with the utmost comfort and ease. American Leather’s “solution to the modern rocking chair,” the Comfort Air recliner can rock, glide and swivel as it follows your lead. With its curved frame, plush seats and headrest, and matching ottoman, this recliner also comes in three different sizes to accommodate any room in the home that could use a touch of effortless relaxation. In addition, it offers several options for the base that range from a swivel-and-spin, to a more traditional stationary or metal 4-star or disc style, so there are plenty of ways to make this recliner your own. Available in multiple colors, finishes, and fabrics or leather, the Comfort Air is sure to become the best seat in the house.

The Re-Invented Recliner

If you’re looking for an ultra-stylish piece that can not only make a statement, but also offer one of the most comfortable seats of your life, try the Re-Invented Recliner. An undeniably sleek and modern chair that still cradles your body and supports your head with ease, this recliner sports power pushback technology to smoothly transport you from sitting to lying down with the simple push of a button. Coined the “invisible” recliner, this chair’s unique features can be customized to subtly complement a more understated room, or act as the impressive focal point if you’re looking for a more distinctive accent piece. Like the Comfort Air, the Re-Invented recliner is available in multiple leather or fabric options, and both chairs can be customized with different arm or base styles to suit your personal taste and preferences.

American Leather

Renowned for quality and durable craftsmanship, innovation and efficiency, American Leather is also an industry leader in sustainable furniture manufacturing. Not only are they a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council to promote sustainable practices in the furniture industry, but each of their custom-made pieces is crafted with the environmental impact in mind. Their frames are constructed from sustainable forest wood, with precision processes to reduce as much scrap as possible. They also offer environmentally friendly leathers, use recyclable cushioning, fire retardant-free fabrics, and water-based pigment for all leathers. We’re proud to have American Leather as one of our esteemed partnerships because of their dedication to these sustainability efforts, and for their exceptional furniture that certainly speaks for itself. 

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January 19, 2023 — Urban Natural Team