The perfect sofa is always relative; after all, what might be a great fit for your friend’s home might not be quite right for yours. That’s why we put together this list based on expert design advice to help you choose the sofa that will best suit your style, lifestyle, and everyday needs. In just three easy steps, you’ll not only be able to focus in on a much more specific idea of the kind of sofa you’re looking for, even before you start shopping, but you’ll also save yourself a lot of trial and error, second-guessing, and valuable time overall! Without further ado, let’s get brainstorming to help you find your dream sofa:

Donato Sofa by Cisco Home

1. Get To Know Your Comfort Preferences

First thing’s first: what kind of comfort experience is most important to you? Are you looking for a sofa that invites you to lay back and kick your feet up, or would you rather one that offers a more traditional, upright sitting space? You might like a sectional with its L-shape design if you want the option to lay down while you watch TV, for example, and if so, one of our favorite pieces from Rowe, the Boden Sofa, happens to be available as a sectional as well. The Boden also comes with a 23 inch seat depth, which brings us to our next expert design tip: have a good idea of what your ideal seat depth might be. The standard depth for most sofas is usually somewhere between 21-24 inches, so if you like a deeper couch to sink back into (or if you happen to be a taller person), you’ll want to look for something with a seat depth of 23”, 24”, or higher. We love the Donato Sofa from Cisco Home for premium loungability; with a 24” seat depth, lots of pillows, and the option to have it made from 100% organic materials, there are lots of reasons to indulge. For those who like more of a 90-degree angle, or formal sitting experience, look for a 20”, 21”, or 22” depth range, like Cisco’s Meadow Sofa with a  22” seat, and tight, upright back. Finally, don’t forget to ask yourself what height you prefer your sofa’s arms to be. A higher arm may be more cozy and private to curl up into, while a shorter arm can feel more open and expansive.

N701 Modular Sofa by Ethnicraft

2. Consider The Size And Function Needs Of Your Space     

Speaking of dimensions, some other size and shape parameters you’ll want to consider are those of the room or space where your new sofa will live. Get that tape measure out now, and you’ll save time on guesswork later, because many sofas come in different size options and you’ll still want to pick one that won’t feel too small, or too overwhelming within your space. For a more versatile option, check out a modular style, with individual sections that can be reconfigured and moved around your space however, and whenever, you like! Ethnicraft’s iconic n701 Modular Sofa is an excellent choice for any room configuration, and their Mellow Sofa offers a classic elegance that can still be rearranged to suit many different layouts. Next, our experts recommend taking into account the functionality needs of your sofa; will it be used for an office space or living room that also needs to serve as a guest room, for example? In that case, you could benefit from choosing a multipurpose piece like an expertly crafted sleeper sofa, which you can find in several different sizes from a loveseat to a family-friendly sectional. Luonto’s collection of sleepers and sectionals are favorites with our customers and design team alike!

How to choose a sofa fabric that fits your lifestyle.

3. Choose The Best Cushion And Fabric Options For Your Lifestyle

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on a sofa, but the number of seat cushions you prefer is a smart point of consideration while you’re shopping. Two cushions can be an intimate and roomy option for one or two people, but if your sofa is intended for a room you expect to entertain guests in often, it can be limiting. Three cushions, on the other hand, will comfortably seat a third person with ease, and tends to offer a more traditional look and feel for your sitting area. Finally, a single cushion, or bench seat, allows for several guests without any seat cracks to worry about; it just might be a bit more effort to remove if you need to for cleaning. Once you’ve found the cushion style you like, next up is the fabric choice for your sofa; for this, our experts suggest asking yourself what kind of lifestyle specifics you may need to accommodate. For example, if you’re environmentally conscious, or prefer the feel of natural fibers, there are so many wonderful organic cottons and linens to explore. If you know your pets and kids will be enjoying your new sofa, why not consider a Crypton Performance fabric? There’s a reason these stain and odor resistant fabrics are so popular with families in particular, and we especially love that they’re sustainably made too! 

Shopping for your dream sofa can be a fun and rewarding experience if you go into it with some good ideas, and a little research first. Our team of experts is always ready  to offer complementary design consultations if you’d like an extra hand with any step of the process, and if you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by our showroom to experience some of your sofa options in person!
October 23, 2023 — Urban Natural Team