Mellow Sofa Collection

A sofa collection that’s versatile and flexible enough to accommodate any room configuration, the Mellow Sofa offers multiple modules you can arrange and connect to suit all of your household and home entertainment needs. Easy to move and readjust to suit a variety of different design layouts, the modules can then be secured into place with subtle clips. The possibilities are endless with this truly multifaceted design!

Timeless Style

The Mellow Sofa’s modern design is effortlessly cool with elegant lines and soft, curved corners. This intentionally clean look invites a simple approach to relaxation, and also encourages a more personalized touch through the addition of accent pillows or a cozy throw blanket. The Mellow is handcrafted to be a cherished piece of home furnishing that can complement your changing needs throughout the years, and confidently stand the test of time.

High Quality Comfort

With the utmost attention paid to maximizing comfort and support, the Mellow Sofa incorporates both high density foam, and additional crushed foam in order to maintain form, and provide long lasting luxury. Ethnicraft’s ethically-sourced and sustainable collection also incorporates recycled cotton in its Italian textile, and features a coating that repels water and stains. Expertly handmade, and incorporating high-quality upholstery to weather the wear and tear of everyday use, the Mellow Sofa promises master craftsmanship, classic style, and incredible comfort you can count on.