Finding furniture that checks all your boxes—fits where you need it to, accentuates your style, and stays within your budget—is enough work. After shopping, the last thing you want to learn is that your forever sofa may not be as invincible as you planned. Furniture can be frustratingly susceptible to stains and scratches, and not all of these little scuffs look so cute.

One of the best solutions to getting handcrafted furniture that’s built to last is to think ahead. Get pieces made with stain- and wear-resistant fabric like Crypton, so that keeping your couches, arm chairs, and throw pillows sparkly clean will be a piece of cake—no plastic covers required!

Crypton fabrics come in a variety of textures and colors to fit every style, and they all provide permanent protection against spills, stains, and odors. So whether you’re looking for pieces to withstand the wear-and-tear of kids, pets, or just a busy household, you’ll find the forever furniture that’s right for you.

Learn below why Crypton is a great fit for your home, and why it’s the go-to fabric choice for many of our favorite brands like Cisco Home, Thayer Coggin, and American Leather.

1. Crypton Home Fabric Is Sustainably Made

It’s important to know what kinds of materials you’re bringing into your home when you’re furniture shopping. You’re going to live with these items for years to come, which is why Urban Natural goes to great lengths to give you the complete details of the materials and manufacturing process for any piece of furniture.

Crypton also takes the issue of transparency to heart. In addition to being GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Crypton is free of harmful levels of PFOS, PFOA, formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenols, and phthalates. The manufacturer also maintains a strict recycling program to keep remnants from ending up in landfills, and Crypton fabrics themselves are recyclable. So even after you’re done with it, it can have a new life for someone else!

2. Crypton Home Fabric Resists Stains

The best way to protect your new couch from stains is to not let them set in in the first place. Crypton does just that with a patented “repel and release” technology that prevents all water- and oil-based liquids from forming stains. That means you’re covered in case of juice, wine, or soda spills, as well as food grease and fingerprints.

Whether you need help keeping your furniture clean from pets tracking in mud or kids making messes, this material resists all types of stains. And when an accident does occur, cleaning is easy. After blotting the liquid away with a towel or paper towel, gently scrub the spot with a mixture of water and laundry detergent, then dab it dry to keep the surface simply spotless.

(Yes, it's now possible to have that nice white sofa you've always wanted)

3. Crypton Home Fabric Is Tear-Resistant

While furniture stains can be managed, holes and rips are permanent eyesores. That’s why Crypton was developed to be strong and elegant, so you get a high-end fabric that looks great for years and won’t get worn down by pet claws or roughhousing kids.

The secret to Crypton’s durability is that it’s built into every fiber through an immersion bath and heating process that permanently protects it. Unlike other fabrics that are sprayed with protective coatings that wear away, a couch upholstered in Crypton will defend itself from wear and tear for years to come. To show their dedication, all Crypton products even come with a two-year warranty.

4. Crypton Home Fabric Repels Odors

You probably only think about smells in your furniture once they’ve settled in, which is a little too late. That’s why your best bet is to be proactive and shop for sofas and lounge chairs that refuse to absorb odors to begin with.

Crypton fabrics contain silver ions that repel smells and stop bacteria from growing, so your furniture will be odor-free no matter what your pets, family, or guests throw at it. And because Crypton is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, it will never have harmful chemicals or antimicrobials that leach out into your home. In fact, it’s the first disinfectable fabric to be confirmed by the EPA.

5. Crypton Home Fabric Comes In Many Styles

One of the best reasons to love this material is that it brings you both performance and style. The Crypton process can be applied to a variety of fabric types, from standard cotton to velvet, linen, leather, chenille, valeur, boucle, and more. So whatever look and feel you have in mind—whether you want something light and natural, or something more textured and plush—you’ll find it in Crypton.

(Durable fabrics don't have to be boring.)

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June 29, 2022 — Urban Natural Team

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