The many benefits of heirloom wood furniture go far beyond aesthetics alone. Pieces made from solid wood have long been considered beautiful to look at, but did you know there are also several sustainable reasons to include them in your home decor? Modern heirlooms in solid wood like oak, cherry, or walnut are more durable and will far outlast any counterpart made from thin layers of particle board and veneer. They’re also easier to repair, which gives your furniture investment that heirloom quality that’s less likely to be replaced or thrown away. If you’re looking to fill your home (and your life) with expert craftsmanship and excellent quality that’s designed to last for decades, look no further than heirloom quality hardwood. 

Heirloom Wood Dining Furniture

Experience The Handcrafted Difference

When you’re looking to invest in heirloom quality wood furniture, look for handcrafted pieces, which by definition, offers an added element of care and attention to detail. The joinery techniques and classic woodworking skills needed to create these pieces have been tried and true through many generations of artisans, so they tend to carry a sense of history and tradition. No matter the style, handcrafted work is designed to stand up to years of wear and tear, which makes it a particularly ideal choice for dining rooms. Gather your loved ones around Copeland’s Audrey Extension Table, made in Vermont from locally sourced cherry or walnut wood, and cherish the memories made in good company. Ethnicraft’s Double Extendable Table is another stunning example of handcrafted beauty with its centerpiece-like design that’s still versatile enough to suit everyday needs and big celebrations alike. 

Heirloom Wood Living Furniture

Maximize Your Investment With Quality That Lasts 

Modern heirlooms crafted from wood have a uniquely personal characteristic: unlike most other materials, natural wood is constantly changing and adapting along with its environment. It makes a thoughtful addition to the home for this reason, as people and families also grow and change over the years. Considered by many to be a “dynamic” material that is still “living” even after it is made into furniture, wood can expand and contract in humid weather, change color in prolonged sunlight, and even produce aged “cracks” over time that give it a look of sophistication and wisdom. You can easily incorporate wood into your living room design with a simple but elegant piece like the Canterbury Coffee Table from Maple Corner Woodworks, or its corresponding Canterbury End Table in cherry, maple or walnut wood. A more design-forward, but still timeless option is Ethnicraft’s Geometric Side Table, available in oak or FSC certified teak for a sleek and stylish conversation starter. 

Heirloom Wood Bedroom Furniture

Add A Sense Of Calm And Serenity To Your Space

Solid wood can bring a lot of warmth and comfort to a living space. In fact, studies have shown that in addition to improving concentration and productivity in the workplace, surrounding your home spaces with natural elements like wood may even reduce stress levels. This restorative effect makes heirloom wood furniture the perfect choice for bedrooms in particular, since any effort to increase your feelings of peaceful relaxation only benefits a good night’s rest! Check out the clean and classic lines of Maple Corner Woodworks’ Shaker Moon Bed for solid construction that still feels delicate, or consider Ethnicraft’s Air Bed for its effortlessly round and airy design. When you’re ready to complete your dreamy sleep space, our Serene Bedroom Collection is a luxurious way to include more natural wood, organic linens, and ethically sourced decor into your nighttime surroundings with ease. 

Choosing the right heirloom pieces to welcome into your home is an important and personal decision, particularly because these beautifully handcrafted works are built to accompany your life for much longer than cheap, poorly-constructed “fast furniture.”

Once you discover something you like, however, don’t be afraid to mix and match wood tones if you feel inspired to do so! Simply look for the undertone of the wood in your piece, and try to stick to the same family of cool, warm, or neutral tones. For any additional design ideas, or help finding a wood finish that suits your space, feel free to schedule a complimentary design consultation with our team of experts anytime; we’re always happy to help!

October 02, 2023 — Urban Natural Team