Maronne Antico

$ 12.00


All our frames are powder coat painted. Powder coating is a process by which paint is applied as a powder instead of the more commonly used wet spray approach. The powder is applied to the steel frames using a special sprayer that gives the powder an electrostatic charge, which helps it adhere evenly. The frame then passes through a curing oven that heats the powder to the point where a chemical reaction occurs, simultaneously melting and drying the powder to form a highly durable covering.

There are several benefits to using powder coat. One, it covers more evenly than wet spray without the chance of running or dripping. Powder coat paint is also more durable, resists chipping better, is less likely to fade than wet spray painting, and is available in as many colors as any other painting process. On top of all these qualities, powder coat painting is far better for the environment than liquid paints as it contains no solvents.


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