Heritage Flat Sheet

$ 370.00

By Libeco


Organic is something Libeco believes deeply in, as a way of life, not as a trend. This organic collection is GOTS-certified and is produced locally every step of the way. The team at Libeco loves knowing that people all over the world are sleeping in organic linen.

Libeco is fortunate to have met and spent time with the farmers growing the flax that they use in the Heritage collection, and they are some of the most passionate ‘organic’ people they’ve come across. Over the past decade, these farmers have been perfecting techniques from the past to be able to grow great flax, organically.


      • Twin: 70.5" x 118"
      • Full/Queen: 94.5" x 118"
      • King: 106" x 126"

      100% organic linen



      1-2 weeks


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      About Libeco

      Libeco is the premier destination for the highest quality Belgian Linen, upholstery, decor, and home accessories. Libeco started in 1858 as a trading house in Kortrijk, Belgium, then later established a weaving mill in Meulebeke. The linen mill’s specialization on a single raw material – flax – has made the company one of the largest in Europe and most internationally renowned. Artisans in this region have worked with flax for centuries, with skills that have been passed down between generations. From the lush Belgian fields to the sustainable manufacturing of the fabrics, the making of Libeco linen is about sustainability, passion, and craftsmanship.

      Libeco combines new technologies with artisanal skills to harvest the flax and create unique fabrics with quality design. The best flax in the world grows in “flax-territory”: Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. The lengthy production of Libeco’s flax is done with top-notch care and includes a cycle of natural flax growth, processing, yarn-spinning, weaving, and extensive quality control. Libeco carries the Masters of Linen® quality label and is one of the six weavers worldwide to carry the prestigious Belgian Linen™ quality label.

      When it comes to sustainability, flax is one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. The flax plant is fully rainwater sufficient during growth and requires no traditional irrigation. Compared to other crops, fewer environmentally harmful products like pesticides and fertilizers are used. It is a 100% natural and biodegradable product that will fully degrade in 6.5 months. Libeco is CO2 neutral and proudly follows a zero-waste policy, meaning every part of the plant is used or repurposed for other projects. Libeco’s dedication to traditionally-woven fibers and sustainability creates strong fiber linens renowned for their quality and high performance.