Frontier Console

$ 1,638.00


A Modern Interpretation of Early American Styles: The Frontier Collection is part of Charleston Forge's partnership with Craft & Forge, a Colonial Williamsburg brand that celebrates artisans of the past by making historically inspired, heirloom-worthy products with people who share their passion. The brand takes inspiration from the skilled makers of The Colonial Williamsburg Historic Trades Program, who continue to use traditional techniques and tools, inspiring younger generations to research, preserve, and practice increasingly rare trades from the past. The new Craft & Forge pieces by Charleston Forge honor designs and techniques of the past while offering handsome pieces that are comfortable and livable. The Frontier Collection is inspired by the process by which rifle barrels were made by hand. The gunsmith forged a flat wrought iron bar into a tube, then forge-welded the seam, producing the hole that was bored out smooth and then rifled.

  • Base: 54 1/4" W x 10 1/4" D x 30 1/2" H
  • Glass Top: 54" W x 10" D x 3/8" H
  • Wood Top: 54" W x 10" D x 3/4" H
  • Live Edge Wood Top: 57" W x 13" D x 1 1/2" H
Lead Time

About 18-20 weeks: Charleston Forge pieces are handmade in North Carolina - one at a time and made to order just for you.


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About Charleston Forge

Charleston Forge is an artisan furniture manufacturer in Boone, North Carolina, specializing in metal, wood, and glass. Co-founders Art and Susan Barber opened Charleston Forge in 1974. Today, the company makes residential furniture and has the capability of completing large commercial projects for restaurants, hotels, resorts, kitchen cabinet suppliers, and more. All furniture is made with pride in the US by talented craftsmen who share their co-founders’ creative spirit and passion for sustainable, high-quality furniture.

The artisans of Charleston Forge take pride in every product they create. From working with hot metal to solid wood, each piece is made by hand — one step at a time. With no high-speed production lines, the factory is filled with a dedicated team of forgers, welders, woodworkers, and finishers who treat their work with the utmost care. The authenticity and raw talent of the Charleston Forge artisans are integral to the company’s culture.

The lush valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains are Charleston Forge’s backyard, giving its people an appreciation for nature, preservation, and sustainability. All lumber used comes from the surrounding Appalachian region, where the forests are USDA certified with a growth rate of 2.9 trees for every one tree harvested. Only the most sustainable practices are used in the factory, including recycled steel and the recycling of scrap materials. Propane heat is used in the factory, offices, and forges, efficiently creating less pollution than natural gas. Additionally, more than 90% of the suppliers are located within 100 miles of the factory, minimizing the environmental impact of transporting materials. Charleston Forge’s passion for sustainability and expertly crafted hand-made pieces make for comfortable, creative, high-quality furniture.