Catskill Wool 12" x 18" Area Rug Samples

$ 35.00


Organically dyed using our proprietary OrganoSoftColors process, this heavyweight wool carpet is beautiful to look at and beautiful to touch. The color and texture variation conveys a styling unlike anything else available and the softness is second to none. This product took a long time to develop but the wait has been well worth it. Amazing styling and amazing softness in one!

  • Sample Dimensions: 12” x 18”
  • 1/8th in.
  • 100% Undyed & Untreated Wool
  • 65 oz
  • All residential applications & light commercial

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About Earth Weave

Earth Weave Carpet Mills crafts natural fiber carpets and area rugs for residential and commercial use. Founded in 1996, Earth Weave was the first carpet manufacturer in the United States to introduce a product line that incorporates only 100% natural materials. Focusing on health is an integral pillar of the company’s culture and highlights the importance of having a truly green company. Earth Weave relies on Mother Nature, “the ultimate manufacturer,” for her renewable resources, health properties, and natural materials to create luxuriously soft and comfortable carpets.

Earth Weave uses pure British wool, hemp, and cotton free of toxic dyes, pesticides, or stain protections that other carpet manufacturers commonly use. This all-natural, industry-first combination is used for its durability, strength, and resistance to mold and mildew; it’s also specifically designed to be used in their exclusive biodegradable flooring. When it’s time to replace your padding, Earth Weave encourages customers to recycle it in the garden. Over time, the padding will disappear and turn to nutrients, returning to its natural place in the earth’s cycle. From the harvesting of materials to the recycling of the padding, Earth Weave’s “From Nature To Nature™” slogan is honored for eco-friendly, high-quality products.