There are many ways a high quality sleeper sofa can provide more comfort, ease and versatility to your home, but choosing the right sleeper for you can make all the difference. American Leather, one of our industry-leading workshop partners, goes above and beyond in crafting outstanding sustainable furniture that’s built to last, and their latest V9 sleeper sofa collection is no exception. Now with an expanded array of arm styles, mattress options, and cushion features to choose from, you’re sure to find a sleeper sofa to complement your home’s specific needs, and your own personal taste.

New American Leather V9 Comfort Sleeper Sectional

Effortless And Elegant Style

One of the driving principles behind American Leather’s entire sleeper sofa collection is innovative technology. Their attention to streamlined function eliminates the need for clunky gears, uncomfortable springs, and heavy bars by incorporating their very own patented Tiffany 24/7 Sleep System technology. The latest V9 sleepers take this innovation a step further by offering three new styles to better fit your taste preferences and room needs. The Bentley Comfort Sleeper, for example, has a sleek confidence that also features a super slim track arm with double-needle quilted contouring. Available as a sectional sleeper sofa as well which provides additional storage space underneath the chaise section, the Bentley is stunning in your choice of fabric or leather upholstery. The Langdon Comfort Sleeper, with its bold convex track arm and wood leg finishes, is Mid-Century modern design at its finest, and a great way to turn any room into a guest room without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Finally, the Clara Comfort Sleeper offers a standard track arm with soft curved padding along its interior. The effect is just the kind of added comfort and support you’d expect from a piece of furniture designed for relaxation and restorative rest.

New American Leather V9 Bentley Comfort Sleeper Sectional

Luxurious Mattresses

When choosing a mattress for your new sleeper sofa, one of the very first things you’ll want to consider is its level of quality and support. Luckily, American Leather’s V9 series has you covered on both accounts, by offering three top-of-the-line mattress types to choose from. Their brand new HiPerform mattress offers peak performance and supportive strength, while still maintaining a lighter weight that’s an ideal fit for a pull-out bed. Made of reimagined foam infused with carbon fiber for a core strength that’s 10 times stronger than steel, the HiPerform mattress offers resilience and unbeatable support without the added bulk. The Cooling Gel Mattress has also been enhanced to include three layers of cooling features: a temperature-conductive core, gel top with heat-reactive copper beads that draw heat away from the body, and cool-touch ticking to help keep you cooler all night long. Finally, this sleeper sofa collection has the option for a Tempur-Pedic mattress, which specializes in adapting to your own body weight, shape, and temperature to give you the most personalized and maximized comfort as you rest. 

New American Leather V9 Langdon Comfort Sleeper

Customize Your Dream Sleeper  

Once you’ve decided on the best style and mattress for your home’s needs, it’s time to customize the sleeper sofa of your dreams! American Leather’s V9 sleepers come in sizes that range from a single cot all the way to a King, but they also give you the choice between plain or tufted cushions, and standard or bench seating. In addition, you can opt for a higher density foam seat cushion if you’re looking for a firmer sofa, or a foam seat encased in down, with back cushions of down as well for ultimate comfort you’ll look forward to sinking into after a long day. All of these sleepers even have the option to add a set of cotton percale sheets specifically-fitted for them. Expertly woven in Italy by SFERRA, these sheets are specifically designed for breathable comfort, and a cool, crisp night of rest. 

When you take home one of these beautifully reimagined sleeper sofas, you’re not only enhancing the functionality and versatile style of your living spaces, but you and your overnight guests are also sure to enjoy an unparalleled sleep experience that rivals any regular bed. With a quick two to three week shipping time now as well, you could be dreaming away on your new comfort sleeper in no time.

Be sure to explore the other sustainable and USA-made furniture in our American Leather collection, and we wish you pleasant dreams ahead!

July 24, 2023 — Urban Natural Team
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