We all appreciate the rest and relaxation of a great night’s sleep. Whether you’re in the comfort of your own bed at home or in an unfamiliar guest bed in someone else’s, the difference between eight hours of quality rest or tossing and turning all night long is a big one. When it comes to finding a furniture piece that combines luxurious comfort, impeccable style and expert craftsmanship, look no further than American Leather’s Olson Comfort Sleeper Sectional. An ideal and beloved living room addition of Airbnb hosts like Lake and Pine in Lake Arrowhead, California, these pieces are sure to impress the most discerning guests with their modern take on a sleepover classic.

Photo Credit: Lake + Pine Airbnb

Comfort-First Design

This collection of sleeper sofas is crafted with your guests’ comfort in mind, while still maximizing the living space of your room. With fifteen different styles to choose from, it’s also a versatile complement to any style or layout. American Leather’s careful attention to every detail gives their Comfort Sleepers lasting and reliable durability to weather the wear and tear of regular visitors, while always maintaining its solid sophistication, and polished look. With its wide track arm, plush pillows, and your choice of a high-density foam, Gel or Tempur-Pedic mattress, this Olson Comfort Sleeper welcomes ultimate relaxation. It also boasts a patented platform bed with no uncomfortable springs or bars, and a generous 80 full inches of reclined space to dream away on. You’ll even find additional storage space for extra pillows and linens in the chaise portion of the sectional! The Lake and Page Airbnb makes good use of their Olson Comfort Sleeper to accommodate more guests per stay, while still offering each and every one of them an exceptional night’s rest. 

Photo Credit: Lake + Pine Airbnb

Make The Most Of Your Airbnb Space

While the American Leather Comfort Sleepers are handcrafted for rest and relaxation, they’re also thoughtfully designed to maximize the space in your home. The sectional shape can be set to the right or left side in order to best accommodate your room layout, and the bed tucks effortlessly under the seating area for a seamless, day-to-night transition. Expert designers suggest a more minimalistic approach when designing an Airbnb space, and this sofa is the perfect solution for creating ample room your guests can use, while not cramming the area with bulky or outdated furniture. In addition, we love the American Leather brand for its dedication to sustainable and ethically-sourced manufacturing practices, which is just one more admirable detail for your guests to appreciate, and for the environment to benefit from.

Olson Comfort Sleeper Sectional by American Leather

Whether you’re an Airbnb host who knows the importance of offering the best with your space, or a guest who values a comfortable night’s rest no matter which bed you’re in, the Olson Comfort Sleeper is the smart choice for all your needs. 

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January 27, 2023 — Urban Natural Team
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