Side tables and coffee tables are the unsung heroes of the living room. Placed by a sofa or recliner chair, they offer a reliable place to set down your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine.

Ethnicraft has taken side and coffee tables to the next level with their collection of trays and tray tables. Not only will you always have a place to set down your beverage and your latest read, but you can enjoy the convenience of a removable tray.

These durably made tables function as standalone tables or with an added fitted tray that nestles perfectly inside the lip of the table. Prepare drinks in the kitchen and carry them easily to the living room, simply setting the tray down on its table counterpart.

How does it work?

It’s simple – Ethnicraft’s tray tables come in all shapes and sizes, so you can be sure to find one that’s the right fit for your space. Choose your table, select your trays, then mix and match! The possibilities are endless.

1. Choose your table

From slender side tables that tuck in nicely next to the sofa – to coffee tables with more surface area – there’s a tray table that’ll fit any living space. Each table is handcrafted with a sturdy metal frame as its base and a black-tainted wood surface, making an excellent foundation for the accompanying tray to rest on top.

We’re breaking down the highlights of each size and shape of table so that you can decide which is best for your space.

Round Tray Side Table

A versatile piece that can stand alone or fit nicely alongside a sofa or chair. It’s complete with a sturdy metal frame – offering high contrast with its dark black look.

Pairs with any of our small round trays.

Oblong Tray Side Table

The name speaks for itself. The extended shape of the Oblong Tray Side Table allows it to be pulled in closer wherever you’re seated. Its base can slide in neatly underneath a sofa, making your beverage even more within reach.

Pairs with any of our oblong trays.

Rectangular Tray Side Table

Another piece that offers more surface area than what meets the eye – the length of the Rectangular Tray Side Table allows space for plenty of items while taking up little real estate in your home thanks to its narrow form.

Pairs with any of our rectangular trays.

Round Tray Coffee Table

A coffee table with a removable tray: a passionate host’s dream. Prepare all of the provisions for your guests in the kitchen, arrange them on this spacious tray, and last but not least – turn heads as you set the tray down on its complementary table.

Pairs with any of our extra large round trays.

Small Square Tray Side Table

A square side table is a simple way to add a touch of elegance to any living space. Its sleek, black metal frame accentuates its sharp angles. Finish it off with a glass tray for a high-end look, like the Wabi Sabi Glass Tray. Inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the soft shapes of the horizon pair nicely juxtaposed with this angular tray table.

Pairs with any of our small square trays.

Round Tray Side Table Set

Everything is better in pairs. These round tray tables nest neatly into one another so you can keep them as far apart or as close together as you’d like. Whichever arrangement best suits your space, we love the flexibility this set offers.

Table sets are a great opportunity to take advantage of the wide range of tray table designs – try pairing this minimal bronze tray with the hand-finished look of this geometric patterned tray.

Pairs with any of our small and large round trays.

Round Tray Coffee Table Set - Small / Large

Love the nesting look of the Round Tray Side Table Set? The coffee table version of this set offers the same amount of space for all the coffee, tea, charcuterie and wine that you can handle, while sitting at a shorter height.

Best of all, this set uses the same size trays as in the side table set. Find four or more of your favorite trays from our collection and swap them out across both the coffee table and side table set. Move each table freely about your space as needed for your ever-changing hosting needs.

Pairs with any of our small and large round trays.

Square Tray Coffee Table Set

For fans of the clean, geometric look, the Square Tray Coffee Table Set offers that organized, put-together feel.

The tiered stacking effect adds a layer of sophistication to your living space. Put one table by the recliner and the other by the sofa, or keep them together as an eye catching place to set down your drink.

Pairs with any of our small and large square trays.

2. Choose your trays

Once you’ve chosen a table – that’s when the fun really starts.

Choose one or a few trays that will offer versatility as the seasons (or your mood) changes. Each tray nests effortlessly inside the rim of the table for a secure fit.

With an artistic infusion from designer Dawn Sweitzer, each tray has an organic, nature-inspired feel. Her process for creating comes to life in this profound display of color, movement and form.

These functional works of art will add convenience, simplicity, and beauty to your living space.

3. Mix and match

Ethnicraft designer Dawn has outdone herself in the wide range of art she’s created for this collection. Each size tray is available in several of her breathtaking designs. Choose your favorite look for your corresponding table, or select a few different trays and swap them out as you please. Mix and match tray tables across your home to add a boost of functionality and visual appeal.

Curate Your Own Mixed and Matched Collection

Whether you swap them out seasonally or when inspiration strikes, Ethnicraft’s tray tables allow plenty of room for creativity with their range of size, shape, color and pattern.

Transform your space with the energy-filled tree forms of the White Tree Wooden Tray, or the fluid movement of the Blue Mist Organic Glass Tray.

Whichever look you choose, you’ll love the artistry of these pieces combined with their undeniable functionality. Hosting guests – or quiet nights in – are made both more enjoyable and more convenient with these versatile tray tables.

Shop all tray tables and trays to start your own collection of mixed and matched trays and tray tables.

August 26, 2022 — Urban Natural Team