Outfitting your home is all about adding warmth. By making your living space cozier and more energizing, you make your entire home more inviting for yourself and your guests. One of the quickest and most effective ways to do that is with natural wood furniture. Bringing real wood into your home creates authentic warmth, and you'll appreciate it most in everyday objects like tables, chairs, and even your bed frame. Invest in it now and thank yourself later!

When you're shopping for natural wood furniture, two varieties you may consider are maple and oak. These woods are ideal for furniture for many reasons—they’re both abundant, they’re both strong, and they both hold up over time—but many people like them for a simpler reason: they look beautiful.

Oak and maple’s light wood tones add brightness and tranquility to any room, whether they’re in coffee tables and chairs or bed frames and cabinets. You can stain them in a number of different shades, but the natural wood grain with just a clear topcoat will have a certain radiance that’s worth keeping. Plus, these versatile wood tones will develop a deep patina with age, making for worthy investment pieces that you can pass down through generations.

To help you find your own all-natural wood inspiration, look at some of our favorite oak and maple furniture pieces from our workshop partners.

Living Room

Mikado Coffee Table by Ethnicraft (Left), Geometric Side Table by Ethnicraft (Right)

Geometric Side Table by Ethnicraft: This eye-catching design elevates a simple side table into an artistic expression that still fully serves its purpose. The solid oak has a farmhouse or even Scandi appeal, which easily blends in with any theme you already have going in your home.

Mikado Coffee Table by Ethnicraft: Your living room gets an elegant upgrade from this centerpiece’s unexpected design. The base has an interesting look that’s somehow both casual and carefully manicured, so you get the best of both worlds. And the oval or larger round sizes let you conveniently choose just how much tablespace you need.

Shadow TV Cupboard by Ethnicraft (Left), Mora Coffee Table by Eastvold (Right) 

Mora Coffee Table by Eastvold: A charming, rustic design and solid oak make for one seriously handsome table. Its easy-going look means that as you put it through the usual wear and tear, it will take on a beautiful patina and become an heirloom that you’ll always treasure.

Shadow TV Cupboard by Ethnicraft: Natural oak accentuates the simple brilliance of this minimalist entertainment center. It fulfills all your storage needs and keeps clutter at bay, which helps it stand out as a stylish addition to your living room.

Dining Room

Iso Extension Table by Copeland (Left), Air Dining Table by Ethnicraft (Right)

Iso Extension Table by Copeland: Dining tables get a lot of attention—rightly so. They set the mood in your dining room and give everything else in the space a central motif to play off of. Upgrade to a solid oak table that will serve you well for countless meals to come, and consider this one for its clever extension design that gives you two more feet of room when you need it.

Air Dining Table by Ethnicraft: Straightforward furniture designs are usually the most popular, and this table shows why. The thin but sturdy legs fit elegantly into the rounded corners, creating a look that’s simple yet thoughtful. And the oak wood brings you joy at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Iso Buffet by Copeland (Left), Eye Dining Chair by Ethnicraft (Right)

Eye Dining Chair by Ethnicraft: Complement the Air Dining Table with this matching oak chair. Crafted with the same attention to detail, this chair has a sleek but modern look that fits with any dining room style.

Iso Buffet by Copeland: While the dining room is all about spending quality time over meals, it needs some support to serve its purpose, and that comes in the form of storage. This solid oak buffet has drawers and cabinet space for all your extra dinnerware and utensils—especially the decorative kind you only need on holidays—so they’re clean and ready to use when you need them (and conveniently out of sight when you don’t).

Home Office

Shaker Writing Desk by Maple Corner: Honestly, the best desks are the ones that are just built simply and give you plenty of legroom below and workspace on top. This solid maple desk is clean and free of frills, for distraction-free work. It comes in five different sizes, or you can customize it to your exact specifications.


Shaker Moon Bed by Maple Corner Woodworks: The three most important features in a bed frame are solid support, easy assembly, and spacious storage. This sturdy maple bed frame meets all those needs and looks great doing it. Plus the subtle curves on the foot- and headboards add an artistic touch that you’ll love for years.

Madra Bed by Ethnicraft: Make your bedroom a complete sleep oasis with a bed frame you can plop down on for some serious rest and relaxation. The solid oak construction has a rustic chic look that is both luxurious and simple, bringing peace to your mornings and calm to your nights.

Upgrade your home by investing in high-quality furniture that you’ll love using for years and years. Each of these natural wood pieces adds charm and functionality to your space, and they all fit easily with any decor style. Mix and match wood colors to suit your taste, and enjoy watching them beautify with age.

Click here for more info on how we responsibly source our wood, and click here to learn even more about how wood is used in all our furniture.

September 07, 2022 — Urban Natural Team