Shopping for a sleeper sofa is different than shopping for a regular sofa for one major factor: trust. Because sleeper sofas have moving parts and go through a different wear-and-tear cycle than other furniture in your living room, you really have to find manufacturers you can trust to hold up over the years. This is why we recommend our partner American Leather for sleeper sofas.

With their high-quality craftsmanship and impeccable design, American Leather makes sleeper sofas that last. They’re always comfortable—no metal bars or noisy, uncomfortable springs to get in the way of your rest—and support the one thing every sleeper sofa should: a good night’s sleep.

Bryson Comfort Sleeper

As you’re browsing sleeper sofas, let’s take a look at the top five components to keep in mind and how they work together to create the piece that fits perfectly in your home.

Which Size?

Like mattresses, sleeper sofas generally come in four sizes—Twin, Full, Queen, and King—which fit standard bed sheets for those sizes. American Leather also has Queen Plus options that are between Queen and King, as well as a skinnier Cot size, for which you can find more narrow bed sheets. Every Comfort Sleeper is also over 80 inches long, giving you plenty of room to stretch out.

Sectionals have an added benefit: storage! The chaise lounge lifts up to reveal a hidden storage compartment that fits all your beddings, pillows, blankets, and more, so you can keep everything you need to outfit the sleeper in the same space.

Gaines Comfort Sleeper (upper corner), Gibbs Comfort Sleeper (bottom corner), Harris Comfort Sleeper Sectional (right)

Of course, you’ll have to keep in mind the additional padding built around the sleeping part of the sleeper sofa, since this adds to the total dimensions. When you’re measuring the space where the sleeper sofa will fit in your home, it’s always safe to round up and overestimate just how much room you’ll need to comfortably use it.

Which Fabric?

Natural fabrics like cotton are the most common coverings for sleeper sofas, but American Leather has leather options that are just as comfortable, but offer a more premium look and feel. They also help your sleeper sofa look less like a “sleeper” sofa!

Choose from a colorful array of leather finishes, as well as smooth or pebbled textures and, the most helpful part: protection levels. Depending on how your sleeper sofa will be used and whether pets or children will be lounging on it, you can pick between three different levels of protection, light, medium, and heavy, to keep your leather furniture will look great.

Gaines Comfort Sleeper

Nowadays, shopping for sleeper sofas is truly much more like shopping for any regular sofa. With fabric options from cotton, chenille, velvet, microsuede, and herringbone, to genuine leather, you can customize your sleeper sofa to your exact style—no compromises!

Which Style?

This is the most fun part, and it’s where you can let your intuition lead the way. Structural innovations have let our partners design their sleeper sofas in many different styles, so you’ll easily find the look that fits your aesthetic.

Go with exposed wooden legs for an elegant mid-century modern vibe, scroll arms for timeless beauty, or a minimalist, pared-down frame for modern chicness. Whatever style you need to compliment your home, rest assured you’ll find it in a sleeper sofa.

Olson Comfort Sleeper Sectional

Which Kind of Mattress?

Of all the improvements over the years, mattresses have come the furthest. They’re also the one aspect you’ll want to pay extra special attention to when you’re browsing online or trying out in-store because, like Goldilocks, you’ll only be happy with your choice when you find the one that feels just right to you.

One reason we love American Leather Comfort Sleepers is their genius mattress design. They found a way to make folding mattresses as comfortable and supportive as the regular mattress on your bed. Without sharp springs or uncomfortable metal bars that poke into your back, Comfort Sleeper mattresses give everyone a great night’s sleep.

Perry Comfort Sleeper

Available in three options—premier, gel, and Tempur-Pedic—so you can customize your mattress to fully suit your sleep needs.

  • Tempur-Pedic: It adapts to your body’s weight, shape, and temperature to ensure the best sleep every time.
  • Gel: Ideal for hot sleepers and comfort seekers.
  • Premier: The kind of mattress that makes your bed jealous. A firmer, standard high-density foam mattress with Crypton® fabric mattress ticking. 

Which Kind of Cushions?

Sofa cushions may be an afterthought to most people, but they’re one more area where you can dial in your comfort and style. Sleeper sofas typically come in two or three cushion options, and both are great in their own right.

It’s really all about what feels right to you: If you want something that feels more stately and classic, the three cushion option will give you just that, while two cushion options tend to look more sleek and modern.

American Leather also goes the extra mile by offering your choice of fill options: standard, extra firm, and down. If you thought a sleeper sofa could never be as dreamy as your regular bed, give yourself a night with down cushions and see what a difference they make!

Klein Comfort Sleeper Sectional

Customize Your Sleeper

Click here to shop the entire collection from American Leather. and get your customized Comfort Sleeper delivered right to your door. All Comfort Sleepers ship quickly with a 4 to 6 week lead time.Any questions? American Leather product experts are here to help. Get in touch today! Click here to get in touch with us.

August 24, 2022 — Urban Natural Team
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