Make a purchase between April 22nd-24th, and we’ll donate 5% to Sea Turtle Recovery in New Jersey.

Here at Urban Natural, we celebrate Earth Day every day. We aim to help you build a Healthy Home and strive to curate a collection of high-quality furniture free from the chemicals that harm both you and the planet. All of our furniture is ethically made by fairly compensated craftsmen using sustainable, responsibly-sourced materials.

To celebrate Earth Day and honor our commitment to sustainability, we’re donating 5% of our sales from April 22nd to April 24th to Sea Turtle Recovery — a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to rehabilitating sea turtles and providing public outreach in Urban Natural’s home state of New Jersey.

About Sea Turtle Recovery

Before the opening of Sea Turtle Recovery, endangered and threatened sea turtles stranded in New Jersey due to illness or injury could be stabilized within the state. However, if they needed long-term care, they had to endure long transports out of state as far south as North Carolina. With many Northeastern sea turtle facilities reaching capacity, the New Jersey sea turtles were left stranded. Sea Turtle Recovery was created to rehabilitate, preserve, and conserve the sea turtles of New Jersey.

Five Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

1. Choose Sustainably Sourced Wood for your home

The best way to find the best sustainable wood is to examine where it comes from. Poor forest management and deforestation are responsible for as much as 18% of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. Over time, North America’s forest management has gotten better, and our forests are now considered some of the best managed in the world. But, while North American wood products are generally regarded as safe, not all of these sources are fully sustainable.

Wood products reduce the amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the air, which helps to slow the adverse effects of climate change. These products have the “carbon sink” property, meaning that carbon is tied up in the structure of the material during its lifetime, removing it from the atmosphere. (Seattle Times)

At Urban Natural, we only carry wood products from vetted and trusted Workshop Partners that value sustainability and source their lumber using eco-friendly practices. For example, Copeland Furniture sources their lumber from within 500 miles of their factory from the American North Forest. Sourcing wood near the factory reduces Copeland’s carbon footprint since it takes less energy to transport the raw materials back to the factory. They even go one step further and ensure their wood is FSC certified. Charleston Forge sources their wood from the Appalachian region, whose forests are certified by the USDA as growing 2.9 trees for every one harvested.

You’ll notice that all solid wood furniture on Urban Natural is labeled with a sustainable icon; we only work with Workshop Partners that source wood in eco-friendly and sustainable ways. Click here to check out our sustainable collection.

2. Be Conscious About Your Energy Usage

We’ve all heard it before — the little things really do add up. Every day, there are several choices we can make to substantially reduce energy consumption. Here are a few small things you can do to conserve energy on Earth Day and beyond:

  • Remember to turn off lights when they’re not being used.
  • Set your devices to low-power mode.
  • Monitor how much heat/ac you use and when you use it. Try putting on a sweater or opening a window to reduce your usage.
  • Try air-drying your clothes. If this isn't possible for you, try using dryer balls to help dry clothes faster. This reduces dryer time & saves energy.
  • Opt for cold water when washing your clothes. Cold water uses less energy than hot water.

All of our Workshop Partners have made small strides to reduce their energy consumption in numerous ways, from creating workshops entirely operated by solar panels to heating their factories with scrap materials. Like our Workshop Partners, we, too, can make a difference by taking small steps towards energy conservation and practicing it daily.

3. Pass Down & Repurpose

Another great way we can help our planet and celebrate Earth Day is by keeping objects out of landfills. Try repurposing glass jelly jars as cups, donating clothes or other items you don’t love anymore to a friend, or investing in furniture that is made to last.

Urban Natural carries ethically-sourced, heirloom-quality furniture that is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Once your well-loved furniture has served its purpose, it can be passed down to the next generation while remaining durable, functional, and high-quality. Furniture that is made to last reduces waste, decreases negative environmental impacts, and diminishes the need for "fast furniture.”

4. Go Organic

Organic fabrics are made from fibers grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This contributes to healthier ecosystems, healthier farmers, and healthier homes. Choosing to shop organic is just another simple way to help protect our planet.

At Urban Natural, products are only considered Organic if the Workshop Partner provides the proper qualifications. When shopping Organic, you can be fully confident that the furniture or mattress is certified as an Organic product. Click here to discover our collection of organic furniture, mattresses and home decor.

5. Buy Local

Whether it is the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or the furniture you sit on — it all has to come from somewhere. When furniture brands produce outside of the US, their carbon footprint increases due to the time and energy it takes to transport each piece. With over 90% of our Workshop Partners being based in America, we’ve made it our mission to source high-quality products that diminish our carbon footprint and decrease CO2 emissions from air travel.

Urban Natural is proud to carry Workshop Partners that care about their dedicated team of American furniture makers. All local artisans work in ethical environments, are paid a livable wage, and are provided with benefits. By buying local, you can support your local economy and help the environment by decreasing the carbon footprint of the goods you’re consuming. Click here to discover our collection of USA Made workshop partners.

Every Day is Earth Day

As a company, we believe every day is Earth Day — and so do our Workshop Partners. Join us in taking the necessary steps to protect our planet. If you haven’t had a chance to learn about our company values, click here to read more about our commitment to our customers and the environment. We conduct extensive research to source the high-quality furniture you want, made with the safe, healthy materials you deserve. 

Don’t forget that we’re donating 5% of all sales made from April 22 to April 24th to Sea Turtle Recovery. Celebrate Earth Day today and every day.

April 19, 2022 — Urban Natural Team