Sometimes you’re ready for guests, and sometimes you’re…not.

Don’t have a spare guest room? Our collection of sleeper sofas offers a range of sizes and styles that will allow you to transform any office or living space into a sleeping space.

Our sleeper sofas seamlessly convert from seating area to sleeping area, free of bars and springs. You won’t know it’s a sleeper when sitting on them, and you’ll feel like you’re on a luxury mattress when lying on them.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite sleeper sofas that not only effortlessly convert from sofa to bed, but meet our standards for quality and sustainability. Click here to learn more about our values.

Monika King Size Sofa Sleeper

The Monika is a versatile piece that can work with almost any space. Adaptable to smaller spaces, we love this sleeper sofa for its ability to transform at the blink of an eye.

The nest function of this sleeper sofa allows for an effortless conversion that tucks away so neatly, you’ll forget it was once a king size bed.

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Fantasy Sofa Sleeper

In only a minute’s time you can offer a guest a place to sleep for the evening with the quick fold-out motion of the Fantasy Sofa Sleeper.

The Level mechanism of the Fantasy sleeper utilizes gas springs to create an easy transition from sofa to sleeper, the Fantasy design is an entirely refreshed take on how a sleeper sofa unfolds.

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Nico Size Sofa Sleeper

Sleek and low-profile, the Nico Sofa Sleeper has a knack for lending itself to a diverse range of design styles. From mid-century modern to industrial and beyond, this piece will stand the test of time as you update your space around it.

Offering plenty of comfort when opened or tucked away, you’ll be delighted to offer this sleeper to guests.

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Perry Comfort Sleeper

Lacking the space for a proper guest room? You won’t miss having a separate room for guests when you can offer them the Perry Comfort Sleeper. Comfort Sleepers offer top-of-the-line comfort and durability, there is no better sleeper sofa available today. The Perry is ready for guests whenever you are.

Choose from seven different sizes, 3 mattress options, and hundreds of fabrics and leathers. Proudly made in the USA, just for you.

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Erika Cot Size Chair Sleeper

The Erika Cot Size Chair Sleeper may appear small, but it certainly isn’t lacking in comfort. When open, a 30” wide by 80” long cot size mattress comfortably sleeps 1 adult. Impress your guests with unexpected relaxation delivered by the slender frame of this cot size chair sleeper.

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Harris Comfort Sleeper

The Harris is another popular Comfort Sleeper style and one that the whole family will love. Set up for a movie night in the living room, or have the in-laws over for the weekend. The Harris Comfort Sleeper offers 3 mattress options, sectional configurations, and 7 different bed sizes so that you can create the look and feel that’s just right for your space.

With plenty of room to sleep but not much floor space required, we love the look of the Harris both unfolded as well as concealed as a sofa.

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Gaines Comfort Sleeper

The Gaines Comfort Sleeper offers a traditional look with a timeless feel. Personalize this piece to your liking, from leather or fabric upholstery down to the cushion fill. Order free fabric swatches to help decide which style is right for you.

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No matter the space, our curated collection of sleepers offers a range of sizes, fabrics, and fills to choose from. Explore our all of our sleeper options to find just the right fit for your space.

August 08, 2022 — Urban Natural Team

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