Conscious Table

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By Mater

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The Conscious Table 5462 was designed in 1958 by the renowned Danish furniture designer and architect Børge Mogensen and Esben Klint. The table is made of solid FSC Oak and can be extended with one or two attachable extension leaves. The elegant table is suitable to be used as both a dining table and a meeting table. It can also easily be used as a desk.

  • Table made with solid FSC certified oak
  • Originally designed in 1958 by Børge Mogensen and Esben Klint
  • Option to add one or two 15.75" extension leaves
  • Extension leaf made from lacquered MDF
  • Origin: Letland 
  • Table (No Extension): 35.4” W x 62.9” L x 29.7" H
  • Table (One Extension Leaf): 35.4” W x 78.65” L x 29.7" H
  • Table (Two Extension Leaves): 35.4” W x 94.4” L x 29.7" H

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About Mater

A global furniture and lighting brand based in Copenhagen since 2006, Mater is a true pioneer in the space of sustainable design and manufacturing. With a passion for minimizing the harmful environmental impact of the furniture industry, Mater’s own innovative, patented technology efficiently upcycles industrial waste materials like plastic and aluminum waste, mango tree wood, coffee shell and spent grain waste, and even discarded fishing nets, while also reducing carbon emissions. As a result, their signature circular approach crafts timeless, modern pieces that can be appreciated and cherished for years to come.

Mater’s ethical and sustainable values are aligned with the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development; their outside collaborations also involve like-minded partners for change who bring their own established reputations for sustainable design. All of Mater’s wood products are made from FSC certified wood, and in 2021, they invested in a revolutionary circular production facility in order to scale their production of circular design even further. Today, all pieces of furniture made from Mater Circular material can be recycled and made into new furniture! 

Their name, which means “mother” in Latin, represents the way in which Mater conducts each aspect of its furniture and lighting design and production. With a conscious attention to Mother Earth, they craft high quality pieces that combine classic simplicity and beauty with environmentally-responsible methods and values. On a mission to inspire and encourage the global design community toward more sustainable thinking, Mater continues to explore cutting-edge and eco-friendly materials, and to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

“Design influences how we as humans live our lives; it shapes values, culture and society. As a manufacturer, we have the opportunity to rethink dubious practices and create ethical and sustainable design that minimizes adverse social and environmental impacts.”

- Henrik Marstrand, Founder