Shopping for your dining room is an opportunity to embrace—or completely change—your personal style. And when you’re starting a task like that, having some goals in mind can help you stay focused and end up with purchases you actually love. Dining tables and chairs come in so many options, going in with no criteria can leave you feeling lost.

So to help you find the perfect pieces to complete your dining room, we’re sharing the most important points to consider on your shopping journey. Whether you’re looking for tables, seating, or storage, we’ll help you find inspiration to go big, think outside the box, or double down on the look and feel that really speaks to you!

Copeland Audrey Dining Collection (Left), Ethnicraft Teak Dining Table & Burung Oak Cupboard (Right)


Your table is the centerpiece of your dining room. It tends to set the tone for all the other furniture in that space, making it a great place to start as you plan your furniture setup. Start thinking about the colors, materials, and style you like most, as well as your size needs. Knowing how you typically use the table—like whether you eat at the dinner table every night, use it as a work from home station, or let mail, groceries, and other household items congregate there—will help you figure out which dimensions to look for. And if you enjoy hosting, make sure to get something that can seat more than just your family.

The Exeter Glass Table from Copeland is a captivating mix of old meets new, which is no wonder why it’s a bestseller. With a mid-century modern walnut wood base and glass top, it can be the inviting center for your daily meals and an elegant backdrop for parties or big family dinners. The Exeter Round Glass Table is also a great fit in smaller spaces and ideal for creating an upscale breakfast nook. And for a more minimalist aesthetic, the Lisse Glass Top Table is a Scandi-inspired blend of natural wood and modern glass.

Copeland Exeter Glass Round Table (Left), Copeland Lisse Glass Dining Table (Right)

Of course, traditionalists have a forest’s worth of styles and finishes to choose from. One collection that’s sleek enough to fit into modern homes but maintains a classic timelessness is the Bok Collection from Ethnicraft. Their Teak and Oak dining tables are simple and serene, and they stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. (The stoic Black Oak finish sure is a thing of beauty.) Ethnicraft also offers a contemporary art look with their Mikado collection. The Dining Table or oversized Oval Dining Table will be the heartbeat of your home.

Ethnicraft Mikado Dining Table(Left), Ethnicraft Bok Dining Table (Right)

But if what you really need is flexibility, look for extension tables—trust us, they’ve come a long way! The handsome Audrey Extension Table has an easy-to-use hidden compartment for storing or taking out the table leafs, and one person can quickly extend it by up to two feet to add a serious amount of tablespace. Not to mention, it’s made from sustainably harvested cherry wood, so it will look great when you first bring it home and even more amazing over time.


Once you find the table that’s right for you, getting chairs is the next step. If chairs aren’t available as a set with the table, don’t worry! You can always find chairs that either fit your table’s style or, more interestingly, complement it with different colors or materials. Once you consider the possibilities for using seating to blend in with, highlight, or offset your table, you might be surprised by the combinations that catch your eye. Just make sure to keep ergonomics in mind and shop for chairs that look both stylish and comfortable based on your needs. Thankfully all of our partners’ chairs are designed with comfort in mind, so you’ll have plenty of options. And lastly, have fun with your seating choices. If you can’t decide between two chair types, get both and try some mixing and matching! Also, consider the benefits of a bench: Flexible seating, a refreshing look, and easy to stow under the table when not in use.

Ethnicraft Eye Chair (Left), Copeland Iso Chair (Right)

The Lisse Sidechair is everything you could want in a classic dining chair: simple, casual, and stylish enough to support a formal affair when needed. The solid walnut construction will look great for generations, while the attention to detail keeps it cozy for everyone. Ethnicraft’s Eye Dining Chair brings sleek, farmhouse charm to any setting, and the neutral finish will accent any surrounding furnishings. Meanwhile, their Bok Dining Chair adds a bit more structure; go for the cushion upgrade for extra comfort. And the best part about the Bok Bench? It’s just as functional in the dining room as it is almost anywhere in your home. Living rooms and entryways always get a boost from a well-made bench.


You may not think of your kitchen as a place that needs much storage, but having a certain amount always comes in handy. A handsome buffet or hutch signals to everyone that they’re in the dining room just as much as your table does, and they’re often the one component that can feel like it’s missing from an incomplete dining room. As with your table, having an idea of how you’ll put your kitchen storage to use is a great place to start, but don’t worry if you’re not quite sure. As with much furniture, once you find something that speaks to you and fits comfortably within your space, you’ll find more uses for it than you could have ever imagined. One way buffets always save the day? Extra table space for dishes and drinks during big dinners!

Catalina Dining Collection by Copeland

The Catalina Buffet by Copeland is everything you ever wanted in dining room storage. Its spacious interior and easily adjustable shelving holds all your extra tableware, as well as the fine China and family heirlooms that only need to come out for special occasions. For additional storage or smaller spaces, the two-door model will serve you right for years. And if display is on your mind, check out these hutches, credenzas, and full-size storage chests. They give you a chance to show off your personal style and add an unmistakable hominess to home.

August 08, 2022 — Urban Natural Team

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