Plura Pendant

$ 525.00

By Cerno


The Plura is a simple, straight forward fixture that is excellently executed. With the Plura it was about resolving the seams and edges and their relationships to one another. The result is a scalable fixture that has a sharp, sophisticated feel.


  • Materials: solid wood, polymer
  • Product weight:
    • Plura 18: 5 lb
    • Plura 24: 6 lb
    • Plura 30: 9 lb
    • Plura 36: 13 lb
  • Light source:
    • Plura 18 & 24: 2x GU-24 base socket
    • Plura 30 & 36: 4x GU-24 base socket
  • Lamping:
    • Plura 18 & 24: 2x GU-24 base, 18 W max each
    • Plura 30 & 36: 4x GU-24 base, 18 W max each
  • Bulbs not included
  • Input voltage: 300 V AC max
  • See below for canopy information
  • 96" drop length, field adjustable
  • Suitable for a sloped ceiling
  • Wood grain will vary
  • Specifications subject to change

Included Canopies:

  • Plura 18/24: White low-profile round canopy, white SVT
  • Plura 30: White low-profile round canopy, clear SPT with steel cable
  • Plura 36: White 8" round canopy, clear SPT with steel cable
    • Plura 18: 18″ dia, 6.4″ H
    • Plura 24: 24″ dia , 6.4″ H
    • Plura 30: 30″ dia, 8.4″ H
    • Plura 36: 36″ dia, 10.4″ H

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    About Cerno

    California-based company Cerno designs and creates modern, elegant light fixtures from authentic materials. Born in Laguna Beach in 2009, Cerno was founded by three best friends and adventurers with a passion for nature, creativity, and artistic originality. Their light fixtures are minimal and sophisticated, harmoniously marrying modern and contemporary designs. Cerno embodies the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” a testament to the team’s innovation, dedication, and craftsmanship.

    Because lighting design and energy efficiency have had limited growth in the past century, Cerno set out to design high-quality light fixtures that are efficient, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. To keep workflow streamlined and holistic, all light fixtures are designed, prototyped, and built in the same building. The team is fully involved in each piece from start to finish, and the company is always looking for new ways to support the local skilled workforce in California. Their creative process is constantly evolving to efficiently use the best resources while still paying homage to the craftsman who came before them. By embracing tradition and carefully choosing the right technologies, Cerno has paved the way for advanced lighting that effortlessly brightens any and every space.