Martel Hand Knotted Rug

$ 5,000.00

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October 15, 2024.

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The hand-knotted Martel collection is rooted in the tradition of time-honored artistry, all the while giving a nod to the grounding aesthetic and tonal appeal of modern design. Skillfully handcrafted with an astounding 80 Persian-style knots per inch by artisans in India, the Entrada design showcases an asymmetrical grid design created with undyed wool and luxurious silk. The beautiful cream and gray hues come from the natural color of the sheep without any dyes or pigments, for a completely organic, naturally stain-resistant colorway. Cut and loop pile adds texture to this soft accent piece that thrives in low traffic areas of the home such as bedrooms and formal dining areas.

  • 60% Silk 40% Wool
  • Hand Knotted
  • 1/4" Thick
  • Please Note: All sizes are nominal, accepted variance is +/- 3".

Care Instructions: Blot stains immediately and clean with a mild soap and cold water. Blot dry with clean, absorbent towel. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Shedding is normal: vacuum regularly with beater bar off, and shedding will reduce over time.


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About Jaipur Living

Devoted to a passion for preserving the centuries-old traditions of handmade rug weaving by skilled artisans, Jaipur Living crafts exquisite heirloom rugs, pillows, and home decor. Founded by Nand Kishore Chaudhary in 1978 on the principle of experienced artistry as dignified craftsmanship, the company was revolutionary for employing “untouchables” and women, going against generations of social norms and practices in India. Today, Chaudhary’s daughters Asha and Archana carry on their father’s legacy, and expand it through technological innovation, and socially responsible efforts.

Jaipur Living partners with a network of 40,000 local artisans from more than 700 rural communities throughout India where the old ways of handcrafted art and rug weaving are a valuable part of life, and a unique aspect of their heritage. Featuring vivid colors, patterns and textures, these rugs, pillows, and home accent pieces are crafted using a variety of techniques too. From the luxurious and heirloom quality of hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and hand-woven pieces, to the more affordable and easier to care for options in flat-weave or power-loom processes, each item is endowed with years of skilled experience, and attention to detail.

In an effort to further support the communities they collaborate with, the company founded their Jaipur Rugs Foundation in 2004. The program provides training, skills development, social, and even free medical services for their artisans to empower sustainable livelihoods and independence through the timeless craft of their art. By bringing this beautiful work to wider appreciation, and helping protect these generations-old traditions, Jaipur Living strives to share the artistry of the old world for years to come.