Invigo Sit-Stand Desks by Copeland

Copeland’s Invigo Sit-Stand Desk is a configurable unit that comes in various sizes and finishes. It is built on a high-quality, three-stage, dual motor lift base with three different programmable positions. The desk can be raised from 25’’ to 51’’ inches, making it fully customizable for anyone. Make the desk your own by choosing from solid cherry, walnut, or oak hardwood and several GREENGUARD Certified finishes. Desks may also come with wire management, storage, and decorative or computer accessories to keep the unit functional and personalized.

Benefits: A typical desk worker sits for around 9-12 hours a day, on top of sleeping for 7 hours every night. With over 19 hours of either sleeping or lying down in an inactive state, this can increase the risk of life-threatening conditions like chronic pain, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, poor circulation, depression, and other serious illnesses. These illnesses can be partially avoided by living an active lifestyle, but you may still be affected by prolonged periods of sitting. Adding periods of standing into the day can lower these risks and make you more alert, energetic, and productive throughout the workday.