You certainly don’t need a New Year’s excuse to get more organized at home, but a little motivation and inspiration never hurts; that’s why we’ve curated a collection of our favorite sustainable furniture featuring additional storage capabilities to help you organize and tidy up every room in your home. It’s never too late to start thinking of ways to reduce household clutter, and create a cleaner, more inviting look and feel for your everyday spaces, so without further ado, let’s take a look at some expertly crafted pieces that can help maximize your storage solutions with ease and style:

Entryway storage solutions

Streamline Your Entryway

Your home’s first opportunity to make a welcoming first impression begins in the entryway or foyer. Many of us find these areas a challenge to keep tidy however, because they’re often the default drop off place for everything from shoes and coats, to keys, mail, and shopping bags. Make your entryway work for you and your lifestyle by adding a beautiful bench that not only offers a place to sit while putting shoes on, but also creates a less obtrusive storage opportunity underneath. Utilitile wall hangers from Ethnicraft are another great way to create more simplified storage for coats and bags, while their Nordic Console can be an ideal place to keep keys and mail in their own consistent place.

Living Room Storage Solutions

Reduce Living Room Clutter

Your living and family rooms can be lovely gathering spaces for friends and family to spend time together, but that doesn’t mean they’re doomed to be messy and disorganized. Why not opt for more functional furniture like Luonto’s Open-able Coffee Table which features a large storage area inside, a top that rises to table height for an extra working or eating surface, and casters that make it easy to move around and clean underneath too. Ethnicraft’s Nordic Coffee Table is another excellent solution with its sustainably sourced solid oak wood, and extra large drawer compartment to store items that might otherwise crowd the tabletop.  

Dining Room Storage Solutions

Maximize Dining Room Storage

Making the most of your dining room storage and serving surface area is easy with a buffet or sideboard to house seasonal tabletop decor, or extra napkins and cutlery. These stunning pieces are a more practical way to extend your personal style too, since many of them come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and wood finishes to complement your room. The Audrey Buffet from Copeland offers an optional hutch that can sit on top to store extra glass and dishware, and the solid oak Whitebird Sideboard from Ethnicraft comes with multiple cabinet, drawer and shelf configurations to provide ample storage possibilities. 

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Simplify Your Bedroom

Other than making your bed every day, of course, giving your bedroom more opportunities for discreet storage is a great way to make it feel more tranquil. Ethnicraft’s Shadow Wardrobe Dresser, for example, might be a perfect solution if you don’t have an ensuite closet, or if you just need additional hanging space. Maple Corner Woodworks’ handcrafted Shaker Nine Drawer Dresser is also available in cherry, maple, or walnut wood, and is designed to inspire you to pick up and tidy up for maximum peace of mind. This, along with the collection of handcrafted dressers from Copeland, come in a wide range of sizes to fit any space with ease. 

If you’re feeling tempted to incorporate a more organized approach to your home living, we’d love to throw a little encouragement your way! Our team of experts is always on hand to offer complimentary consults too, and all of our pieces are carefully selected for their adherence to our five core values, so you’ll be sure to get the very best in sustainable, ethically responsible, handcrafted, organic, and USA made furniture every time. 

January 03, 2024 — Urban Natural Team