This Fall season, get ready to marvel at more than just the falling leaves! One of our most beloved workshop partners, Ethnicraft, has some exciting new additions to their already impressive lineup. From an innovative new collection, to earth-friendly fabrics and finishes, extensions to best-selling collections, and improved office furniture capabilities, these arrivals are too good to pass up. Renowned for their dedication to expert craftsmanship, and sustainability efforts that include zero waste production methods, Ethnicraft is a trusted leader in manufacturing superb quality furniture that’s better for the environment, and healthier for your home. Here are just a few of their latest offerings now available for Fall:

Elements collection by Ethnicraft

Discover The Elements Collection Made From Microcement

The first of Ethnicraft’s Fall rollout is an entirely new collection of pieces made from microcement. A unique, earthy material composed of fine aggregate and blended minerals to give the look and texture of stone, The Elements Collection is the height of simple elegance. Pairing soft curves and shapes against the high-performing durability of microcement, each piece included in The Elements Collection is expertly crafted for a grounding sense of calm and ease. Its Mushroom Side Table offers a classic and unassuming design inspired by nature. The complementary Console also brings a quiet strength that beautifully serves as an entryway, or dining room buffet piece in equal measure. 

New eco fabric in Moss and varnished brown teak finish by Ethnicraft

Meet The Latest Eco Fabric And Durable Finishes

Ethnicraft has a wide selection of natural and consciously-chosen fibers like wool, cotton and Belgian linen; this Fall, they’ve also added a brand new, eco-conscious fabric inspired and named for the earthy greens of forest moss. Moss eco fabric is stain-resistant, made from recycled cotton, and available as an option for the N701 collection of modular sofas, designed by Jacques Deneef for versatile comfort and timeless beauty. In addition, Ethnicraft is also offering a new brown varnished teak option for their signature Bok Dining Table and Bok Chairs. The airy and sculpted slopes of the Bok Dining set are made even more refined with the deep brown finish of this FSC certified solid teak wood. With a look that resembles walnut wood, and the added protection and durability of its high quality finish, your dining room will be well-equipped for both everyday use, as well as the most memorable celebrations. If you prefer oak however, Ethnicraft has added an FSC certified oak option for select favorites in their PI Collection. Sourced from responsibly managed forests, the solid oak is a stunning way to highlight the already sleek design of the PI Coffee Table and Side Table. Inspired by the beauty and organic shapes of nature, each piece in the PI Collection is finished by hand to highlight the natural grain and integrity of its exquisite wood.

New PI sideboard and Spindle dresser by Ethnicraft

Explore Additions To Bestselling Collections

Speaking of the PI Collection, Ethnicraft has released two new additions to this bestselling compilation: the PI Bench, and PI Sideboard. Just like the rest of the stunning PI pieces, both the bench and sideboard exude a natural grace that perfectly marries strong, clean curves with a hand-finished “imperfect” polish. Ethnicraft’s classic Bok Collection has also received a new addition this Fall, with their Square Bok Dining Table in solid oak, which is particularly well-suited for smaller dining spaces. Finally, the bestselling Spindle Bedroom can boast a gorgeous new Spindle Dresser to round out this sensual and luxurious collection. With its clean, unobtrusive design, and effortless functionality, the Spindle Dresser can also stand on its own in any style bedroom, and for a variety of different storage needs. 

Ethnicraft Office

Improve Your Office Capabilities

As the year winds down to its final quarter, what better way to take stock of your progress, and start preparing for future success than maximizing your office space? In addition to offering a brand new Bok style Desk in solid oak, with carefully crafted simplicity and contemporary ease, Ethnicraft has also updated some of their other desks with cable management possibilities. The Bok Sit-Stand Desk, for example, is one that now offers these capabilities, in addition to its motorized legs that adjust to standing height in order to promote improved posture and healthier work hours. Finally, the multi-purpose Billy Drawer Unit will now feature a top drawer lock for a more secure storage option. Made from solid black oak, this rolling drawer unit easily serves as an attractive filing cabinet, or under-the-desk storage space. 

With a proud tradition of inspirational design, expert craftsmanship, and sustainable practices, Ethnicraft furniture never fails to impress. When you expand the possibilities of home with their latest Fall collection, additions, and feature upgrades, you’ll be cozy and comfortable just in time for holiday season.

September 13, 2023 — Urban Natural Team