The right rug for your space can mean the difference between a room that never quite “comes together,” or one that takes your breath away from the moment you walk in. Our workshop partner Loloi is truly exceptional at creating the kind of beauty and expert craftsmanship we expect from all of our heirloom quality home decor, and it’s easy to see why. Here are just five of our favorite reasons for falling in love with Loloi, and their beautifully crafted rugs, pillows, and accent pieces:

1. Ethically Sourced And Goodweave Certified

Loloi takes great pride in the communities of weavers and artisans who work hard to make their pieces; that’s why they’re committed to providing safe and healthy workplace conditions, wages, and benefits for their employees through their Goodweave certification. A non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding better labor practices in India, Goodweave audits each company and factory’s conditions to ensure that no forced, bonded, or child labor is used. The Goodweave Standard also monitors its businesses’ annual efforts to improve in areas like anti-discrimination and the environmental impacts of their production. 

2. Design and Function

In addition to the high quality craftsmanship you can expect from all of Loloi’s products, they also offer an incredibly wide array of styles and options to choose from. No matter which interior design style you prefer, you’re likely to find a Loloi rug to complement it, and with a focus on helping create thoughtfully layered homes, the Loloi difference is clear in each individual piece. Intentionally designed, and authentically crafted, their rugs can easily suit everything from farmhouse, ornate traditional, or modern styles, to beach house, and boho chic.

3. Traditional Craftsmanship

While Loloi uses other styles of expert craftsmanship as well, many of their rugs are made entirely by hand. Honoring centuries-old traditions in Varanasi, India, each of these select pieces is hand-dyed and woven on looms by diligent artisans. The entire process is intricate and detailed as rug fibers are carded, spun, dyed, woven, washed, and stretched onto their frames by hand. They’re then hand-stitched and dried outside in the natural warmth of the Indian sun. After final touches, and hand-shearing by a skilled specialist, the rugs are ready to make the journey to Loloi’s American showrooms, where the passionate craftsmanship behind their exquisite beauty can be shared with the world.

4. Committed To Sustainability 

Not only do we love Loloi for their ethically-sourced processes, but their commitment to sustainability is one more reason to cheer them on! Many of their pieces, like those in their latest Moroccan-inspired Cassian Collection, use natural wool and cotton fibers instead of synthetic materials to create that cozy, shaggy look. Loloi’s use of recycled fibers confirmed by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), and their elimination of PFOAS and PFAS from their products are other ways they help contribute to a greener planet, and fewer harmful chemicals for your home. Furthermore, several Loloi rugs are also OEKO TEX 100 certified which ensures that every aspect of the piece is tested for toxic substances and chemicals that could be harmful to the human body. One such collection is their power-loomed Lyra Collection, which is not only durable and stain-resistant, but also soft to the touch, and available in several varied palettes of vibrant colors. 

5. Refined Design With Amber Lewis

Loloi is one workshop partner who happens to be a highly sought-after collaborator for renowned and celebrity designers. In particular, their work with Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors in Los Angeles has produced some truly iconic and beloved pieces. Notable for their laid-back but refined style, the Loloi x Amber Lewis rugs are California living at its most elegant and effortless. The Bryiana Rug, for example, incorporates hand-knotted ribs for a luxurious, textured feel that’s best enjoyed in bare feet. Perhaps you might also find yourself drawn to the Yellowstone Rug, with its natural wool and jute pebbled design that’s surprisingly soft, and artfully inspired by the stunning terrain of our nation’s oldest national park.

We’re always proud to count some of the world’s most innovative, environmentally responsible, and talented artisans and businesses as Urban Natural workshop partners. Not only do they skillfully craft stunning furniture and home decor, but each of them also shares at least three of our five core values in an effort to make our industry as a whole more sustainable, ethically-sourced, handcrafted, USA made, and organic. To that end, when it comes to finding heirloom quality rugs and accent decor that are healthier for your home, and our planet, we’re confident the outstanding pieces Loloi offers will have you (and your floors) beautifully covered.

BONUS:  Did you know that all of our Loloi rugs ship for free? You can even order a rug sample first, if you’d like to get a sense for how it might feel in your space!
August 16, 2023 — Urban Natural Team