Naturepedic is a company who does things differently. One of the leading names in certified organic mattresses and bedding for the whole family, they’re on a mission to provide healthier, safer, and less toxic homes for their customers. Not only do they provide exceptional quality and certified non-toxic products made from organic and plant-based materials, but they also offer several customizable options to ensure you and your loved ones get the perfect night’s sleep every time. Founded in 2003 by environmental engineer Barry Cik and his sons, Naturepedic is a family business originally born in response to the disappointing lack of baby mattresses on the market that were free of harmful chemicals. Now 20 years later, they’re one of our most inspiring workshop partners for the depth of research, innovation, and development they invest in every aspect of their organic mattresses and bedding products. By continually improving their offerings to be kinder for the environment, and less toxic for you, Naturepedic is a name synonymous with luxurious, organic comfort that truly makes a difference.

Non-toxic and Organic Mattresses from Naturepedic

What It Means To Be Non-Toxic

While other brands may claim to be “non-toxic,” and “chemical-free,” these terms are not always scientifically accurate, and often only partially true. Naturepedic is committed to full transparency when it comes to their efforts and processes, which is why they rely on trusted third-party testing and certifications to guide their progress, and give customers peace of mind. All of their materials are certified organic, including cotton and wool fabrics, and they prioritize natural over synthetic materials whenever possible. Their natural organic latex is made from the sap from rubber trees, which has been baked into a foam, and is more resilient and breathable than the conventional polyurethane foam of other mattresses. The many acres of responsibly managed rubber tree forests that provide this sap also remove several tons of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere, making it a valuable asset for environmental sustainability as well. Many other brands, on the other hand, use polyurethane foam as a primary material in their mattresses (including those with memory foam). PU is not only made from petroleum and other harmful chemicals, but it’s also highly flammable, and requires the addition of flame retardants and chemical flame barriers in order to adhere to government flammability standards. Naturepedic is passionate about working with their reputable suppliers and certifiers to uphold the highest standards for their materials, and reduce the amount of toxins, chemicals, and off-gassing that contribute to their products. Learn more about Naturepedic’s meticulous efforts to provide safer and healthier organic mattresses and bedding, in addition to their full list of extensive certifications that include GOTS, GOLS, FSC, GREENGUARD, and MADE SAFE, to name a few.

Naturepedic EOS Mattress

The Customizable EOS Collection

One of Naturepedic’s most innovative sleep systems is their EOS (Ergonomic Organic Sleep) Collection of mattresses. With interchangeable layers you can customize to suit your desired comfort, firmness and level of postural support, these mattresses are made of certified organic latex, glueless encased coil support, and Naturepedic’s signature organic mattress encasement to provide the ultimate luxury sleep system. You can even swap out layers years later, and choose different comfort levels for you and your sleep partner! Options include firm, extra firm, cushion firm, medium, and plush, and there’s also a Pillow Top version available for those looking for an extra plush experience.

Naturepedic luxury Halcyon mattress collection

The Handcrafted Luxury Of The Halcyon Collection

The newest addition to the Naturepedic family are their Halcyon Collection mattresses: Azure, Arcadia, and Elysium. These beds are handcrafted with superior craftsmanship, and an unmatched look and feel compared to anything else available on the mattress market today. They’re also quilt-topped with an exquisite blend of natural alpaca and cashmere to wick heat away all night long, and lend this collection an extra air of sophistication. Like the EOS mattresses, the Halcyon Collection takes a layered approach to offering a customizable experience unlike any other. Its modern ergonomic design features a hybrid contouring support system made of organic latex and individually-wrapped coils that relieve pressure points, and balance support and bounce for optimal postural alignment. Naturepedic’s dedication to natural, organic fibers, and their tireless adherence to the highest certification standards also ensure that any mattress you receive from them has been carefully constructed to reduce harmful toxins, chemicals, and synthetic materials in your home.

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Urban Natural is excited to join Naturepedic in commemorating their 20 year anniversary this year, and to celebrate two decades of making homes a healthier place to enjoy restorative rest. We encourage you to check out their super indulgent bedding and mattress accessory offerings as well for some extra care and coziness. From organic cotton sheet sets, to all-natural mattress protectors and adjustable latex pillows, you’ll be feeling properly pampered and relaxed in no time.
June 06, 2023 — Urban Natural Team