Here’s How Urban Natural Celebrates It Every Day

In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly marked March 21st as the International Day of Forests to celebrate, educate and promote more awareness and activism around one of our planet’s most valuable, natural resources. Here at Urban Natural, however, we believe every day should be an opportunity to increase our efforts, and encourage additional support for forests and their remarkable trees! You might think the furniture industry is an unlikely ally in limiting the amount we take from our forests, but we’ve always believed our industry has the potential to be one of the biggest advocates in reducing unnecessary waste for the betterment of the environment, AND the furniture you bring into your home. 

The Many Wonders Of Trees

You may already know some of the ways trees contribute to our overall well-being; from clean air, water purification, and capturing carbon to reduce greenhouse gasses, to providing food, medicine and shelter for all living creatures, the health of these majestic beauties is truly deserving of our time and attention. Did you also know, however, that forests are crucial in the fight to alleviate poverty, since they provide food, fuel, and income for nearly a quarter of the world’s population today? Studies also show that simply spending time amongst these giants can lower your blood pressure, and reduce cortisol levels in the body. In our current battle with climate change, trees play a key role in absorbing CO2 into their trunks, roots and leaves, where it’s then converted into fresh O2 that gets emitted back into the air. Many of the world’s species rely on forested habitats for food and shelter too, and the number of plant species sourced from the biodiversity of forests to be made into our medicines is thought to be as high as 50,000. That should give us all plenty of reasons to celebrate! 

The Root Of The Problem At Hand

When a tree is cut down, it not only means one fewer helper to regulate global climate, but it also means the stored carbon dioxide within its trunk gets released back into the environment as well. As a result, deforestation is unfortunately responsible for 12% of avoidable, man-made greenhouse gas emissions; that breaks down to about 10 million hectares each year, or an area roughly the size of Iceland. Logging is one of the driving factors in forest degradation, but it certainly doesn’t have to be, if done responsibly. Sustainable forest management can help to minimize the damage by preserving and even restoring water and soil quality, and being mindful of the natural processes and biodiversity within these delicate ecosystems. Unfortunately, irresponsible and illegal logging is prevalent in heavily forested areas around the world, and it’s estimated that nearly 10% of global wood products still come from illegal logging. The furniture industry places a high premium on wood, but with each company and manufacturer that insists on responsible wood sourcing for their timber, we can make consistent progress toward our environmental goals, while still providing high quality and expert-crafted pieces for our customers!

How Urban Natural Is Part Of The Solution

Our team at Urban Natural is proud to be a top scorer on the Sustainable Furnishing Council and Natural Wildlife Federation’s Wood Furniture Scorecard. Started as a means of encouraging retailers to support responsible wood sourcing through their policies and supply chains, the scorecard gives points based on responsible wood sourcing practices, performances, policy and action. For our part, Urban Natural prioritizes wood from sources who are forest-certified, with a preference for

FSC-certified wood furniture whenever possible. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures the wood comes from responsibly-managed forests, and that old-growth trees are never harvested; its high level of standards is thoughtfully overseen by a diverse group of economic, social and environmental stakeholders as well. Our own wood sourcing policy avoids timber harvested illegally, or in violation of civil, traditional, or conservation values. We carefully choose workshop partners who are dedicated to the use of ethically-sourced hardwoods, and who incorporate organic, recycled, and reclaimed materials wherever possible. You can look out for these kinds of certifications and requirements whenever you’re in the market to buy wood products as well; in doing so, you’ll be adding your own valuable contribution to this worthy cause.

This International Day of Forests, we hope you’ll join us in efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, and protect our Earth’s incredible forests. Learn more about the various ways the United Nations is working to protect trees, and find out how you can do your part at home every day too!

March 14, 2023 — Urban Natural Team

Our Values

The health of our customers, craftsmen, and the environment are integral to our company values. We carefully source the high-quality furniture you want, made with the safe and natural materials you deserve. All our Workshop Partners must meet at least three of our five values: Ethically Sourced; Handcrafted; Made with Organic Materials; Made Sustainably; Made in the USA.