As the summer season approaches, many of us are already imagining BBQs in the backyard with family, pool time with friends, or just spending as many hours outside as possible. It’s a time of year when the sun stays out just a little longer, and when Loll outdoor furniture designs shine their brightest! This delightful company brings a sense of fun and low-maintenance style to their outdoor pieces, all of which are crafted from recycled plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills. If you’re looking to sustainably refresh your outdoor spaces this season with something foolproof and maintenance-free, look no further than the durable, all-weather innovation of Loll Designs. 

A Sustainable State Of Mind

You may have heard about manufacturers taking a more circular approach to furniture-making, and Loll continues to push the envelope on their sustainability efforts every day. They offer a complete line of outdoor loungers, sofas, planters, tables and storage solutions made from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material, most commonly found in consumer plastic products like single-use milk jugs, playground equipment, cutting boards, and boat cabinetry, is almost always destined for a landfill when it’s deemed no longer useful. However, by recycling these plastics into resilient and versatile materials that can then be expertly crafted into beautiful adirondack chairs, for example, Loll is diverting unnecessary waste, and offering an invaluable service for our planet as well. Since 2005, they’ve converted over 135 million milk jugs into outdoor furniture, with an estimated eight recycled jugs per pound of weight in one single Loll chair! 

Not only that, but Loll has also created extensive recycling programs which repurpose over 88% of their own manufacturing waste– even heat from their production process is diverted to heat the facility in colder months. Loll furniture is designed to be incredibly easy to care for, with a nonporous texture that won’t collect dirt internally, and an added UV treatment to reduce weathering, and deter fading. Since every piece can also be fully recycled again, customers are assured that any Loll product they choose to return to the company will be properly and responsibly recycled. 

One For All And All For Community

Just like the “lollygaggers” nickname they’ve lovingly bestowed upon their customers, Loll is fondly committed to their Duluth, Minnesota community. All of their manufacturing takes place in Duluth, and their materials are all sourced in the United States to support American economies, and help them thrive. Loll also spearheads local events to clean trash and recyclable materials out of Minnesota creek beds. Dubbed “Clean Yer Creek,” these events organize other businesses and volunteers to plant new trees along these creek beds as well, which helps to preserve their water quality and delicate ecosystem. Loll is certainly a company who puts their words into action; by working to constantly improve their sustainability efforts, they offer customers exceptional outdoor furniture that inspires joy, and represents a true appreciation for nature.

In addition to being Certified by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute which works with companies to prioritize the environment and human health, Loll is also a proud member of 1% For The Planet, a global organization that ensures at least 1% of their annual net revenue is donated to support environmental causes worldwide. Urban Natural is thrilled to partner with Loll, and to offer such a distinctive collection of all-weather furniture that’s not only built to last, but also designed to lend our planet a helping hand. We couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy being outside!

Learn more about Loll’s sustainable and made-in-the-USA efforts, or shop their collection of outdoor furniture today to make your summer patio season bright!

May 22, 2023 — Urban Natural Team