Noah Full XL Sleeper Sectional

$ 4,399.00

By Luonto

This Luonto product is part of their priority shipment program


Sectional sofa and Full XL sleeper in one, you can add this to any room in the home. Sleep arm to arm in comfort. The open-able chaise offers even more versatility with storage space inside. High and low back adjustment gives everyone a chance to customize to their liking. The tufts make Noah stand out.


    • Full Size XL Sectional: 104.25" W x 39.75" D x 33.75" H
    • Full Size XL Bed: 55" W x 90" D
    • Arms: 25.25" H
    • Seats: 23.25" D, 18" H
    • Chaise: 36.5" W, 66.5" D
    • Open Bed Depth: 66.5"
    • Legs: 3.5" H 
    • Overall Weight: 305 lbs *White Glove Delivery recommended 

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    Sleeper Function

    Flip Function: One of the smoothest sleeper functions on the market. Simply lift the front seat and with a flick of a wrist a bed is revealed. As with all of Luonto's functions, Flip provides superior sleeping comfort without compromising the seating comfort or seat structure.

    How to use Easy Deluxe Function:

    • Raise the seat back cushions
    • Lift from under the front of the seat
    • Take a few steps back and lower the seat
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    About 4-6 weeks: This Luonto product is part of their priority shipment program


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    Sustainable efforts start with acquiring the raw materials. Materials are sourced directed from Viitala Forest, the family timber business. Wood for the sofa frames is mainly harvested from Nordic Spruce and Birch trees. Harvested trees are then replaced for future use. Wood waste is converted into pellets then used in wood-fired ovens to heat all three of our factories, local schools, and a local town. Luonto also partners with vendors and suppliers that support all sustainability efforts, enabling them to reduce waste and repurpose scrap materials. These combined methods minimize the carbon footprint and allow Luonto to manufacture high-quality, functional products that withstand the demands of everyday life.