Luonto Furniture

Known for Comfortable, Stylish Sleeper Sofas

Our Workshop Partners must share and promote the same values that we uphold here at Urban Natural. Luonto takes pride in following sustainable business practices and producing ethically-sourced, handcrafted products for you and your home.  To help reduce their carbon footprint, Luonto has implemented multiple eco-friendly procedures before, during, and after the production process.

With five production lines, Luonto produces thousands of pounds of wood dust daily. The dust is collected and compressed into pellets, then used to heat production lines in the harsh Northern Europe winters. Extra wood dust is used to heat local schools. Additionally, all foam is precut by their supplier to minimize waste, and scraps are re-allocated for use in other industries. While this process is not required, it's another great way to promote environmental responsibility, diminish waste, and maximize the usage of raw materials. Excess fabric from upholstery cutting is recycled into felted padding and repurposed for other furniture,  Other upholstery waste is sold to local artisans who can use materials for their own projects.

Luonto Sleeper Sofas

Luonto’s Sleeper Sofas are engineered to be a high-quality, comfortable, and reliable addition to your living space. Luonto’s commitment to crafting quality products is prevalent in every decision the company makes. Founder Pentti Viitala believed “Quality goods should be available at fair prices,” and these words are an integral part of the company’s values and mission.

When selecting a Sleeper Sofa, you can choose from more than 60 frame styles and 20 different features to create the right piece for you and your home. Product designers and engineers thoughtfully designed the sofa’s mechanism with comfort in mind, so you’ll never feel metal bars or beams under or around the seat. The mechanism is well-hidden and untraceable to the eye, giving the sofa a sleek, modern look. 

Sleeper Sofas are built by skilled carpentry specialists using methods that optimize the strength of the raw materials used. Although sleepers mostly use wooden components, metal components are used to keep them durable, functional, and long-lasting.

Nest Mechanism

This dual-motion, sleeper mechanism, rests a portion of the mattress perfectly below your seat, the other tucked away in the back frame. This combination provides us the space needed to give the user the ulti- mate in comfort for both sitting and sleeping without compromising style.

Level Mechanism

This premium, single motion mechanism reveals a sleeper faster than any of our functions. Simply lift from the front sofa panel and walk backwards reveling a full sleeping surface in a single, swift motion. The Level allows for superior seating and sleeping comfort. Putting the bed away is just a simple, lift from the front panel of the sofa and walk the seat in.

Easy Deluxe Mechanism

Simply lift the seat to reveal a storage compartment then flip the padded backrest down and you have a full size bed. We have been making this space-saving function for years and the simple yet functional system remains in high demand. Ideal for narrow spaces or rooms where the user doesn’t have the room for a traditional size pullout sleeper, Easy Deluxe leaves a small footprint while providing your guest with a comfortable bed.

Hybrid Mechanism

We combined two of our great mechanism to make one easy sleeper function! Using a dual-motion mechanism allows us to make the experience even easier on the user. Simply lift from the front seat panel and walk back the center and leg portion of your mattress. Once open, flip the padded backrest down to reveal a comfortable mattress. True to Luonto form, the mechanism allows for us to maintain the seat construc- tion and seating comfort while still provide the user with the ultimate in sleeping comfort.

Vetted & Certified

Luonto follows strict guidelines and restrictions to ensure that materials are sustainably harvested and safe for you and the environment. All of our Workshop Partners must show proper documentation to prove that all certifications are valid.

 Solid wood components are certified by PEDC – a group of over 80 worldwide members who work to promote sustainable forest management and ensure our forests will be around for generations to come. Plywood components are certified by the FSC, which states that the wood was sourced from a forest managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and improves the lives of local people and workers while also ensuring economic viability.

Polyurethane foams are certified using CertiPUR, a voluntary testing, analysis, and certification program for the environment, health, and safety properties of PU foam. Certain fabrics are OekoTex certified and tested to ensure maximum consumer safety and help consumers and companies make responsible decisions that safeguard our planet for future generations. Other fabrics are REACH regulated, meaning they were designed to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the chemical dangers of raw materials, dyes, and protective coatings. Fabrics also use SAFE FRONT AquaClean components that limit virus and bacteria penetration into the fabric.

Bunk Bed Mechanism

Combining multiple patents and components, we are able to bring to you the first ever GCC compliant bunkbed intended for home furnishing use in the US. Following a few simple steps, the user can lift from the front panel of the seemingly normal sofa and begin the setup of what is ultimately a bunkbed that can hold two full-size adults.