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Andres tells us about the importance of his sleep

Since I was in the fifth grade I’ve been playing competitive sports. Basketball, football, and track were my thing; leaving one practice to go to another, training and preparing for the season were as enjoyable as the games themselves. I lived for competition, pushing my body as hard as I could and testing my own limits.

With that, I always tried to be as efficient as possible as I was never the biggest, fastest or strongest. Proper stretching, game planning, training, nutrition were all things that I focused on so that I could not just play but thrive. Sports were more than fun, they were my passion.

Continuing to play through high school and into college I was fortunate to learn from some athletes that I looked up to growing up and from some extremely knowledgeable trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and nutritionists. I’d soak in information wherever I could, trying to learn how to make my body perform better.

I learned a wide array of information, as all these mentors had different educational backgrounds and came from playing different sports. One piece of advice that was always there, “get your eight hours of sleep.”  

Getting eight hours of sleep was always stressed to me. But unlike all the information I was getting about nutrition and training I never heard any substance behind that statement.  Nothing about the quality of the sleep behind the quantity of hours. No information about pressure point relief, spinal alignment, or healthy breathing. If we’re spending a third of our day in bed shouldn’t we be optimizing the experience?

Taking the time to learn about sleep can dramatically improve your quality of life. A lot of us toss and turn while we sleep, why is that? We’re trying to get comfortable, our body is subconsciously seeking spinal alignment. That’s true comfort.

From proper alignment and an optimal sleep, the environment comes deeper, more restful sleep. Your blood and oxygen levels flow better through your body, giving you better recovery and healing -- allowing you to wake up the next day feeling truly rested and refreshed.

Achieving optimal spinal alignment in bed means you need a sleep system tailored to your body and sleep style. Urban Natural’s sleep system, which is made with high-quality European components, allow for individually tailored sleep surfaces. We look at a mattress like a bespoke suit -- it should be fit for your body and everyone has different needs.

For a side sleeper, the proper amount of support at your waist and knees with just the right amount of pressure point relief at your shoulders and hips is what’s needed. Similarly, on your back, you still want that relief at the hips as they need to sink into the bed to allow the spine to align. Stomach sleeper? Please roll over! The first thing we do on our stomachs is turn our heads to the side and that movement alone throws your spine out of alignment.

A lot of us end up on our stomachs because we didn’t quite find proper alignment on our back or side. So being in the right sleep system should encourage you to break the habit of rolling on to your stomach.

For your shoulders and hips to be able to poke into the mattress we need elastic surface tension which is achieved by our organic cotton knit cover. A fabric that’s knit as opposed to woven allows stretch in the material (think of a cotton t-shirt). This, with the combination of 100% Natural Talalay latex, which has excellent elasticity as well, allows for you to move freely and quickly without disturbing your deep sleep. Individually wrapped German coils conform to the body and offer support where needed, unlike traditional mattress coils that all work as one.

Climate is another thing to consider. Keeping temperature and humidity regulated in bed makes a huge difference. Our mattresses are made with a lining of pre-compressed merino wool which can hold one-third of its weight in moisture without feeling hot, the natural material also acts as a fire retardant, eliminating the need for chemical fire retardants. Wool’s dryness inhibits dust mites as well as the growth of mold or mildew. Allowing for a healthy breathing experience our natural materials reduce the toxins we take in as well as allergens.

All these components go into our mattresses in a wide variety of different configurations to offer the right amount of support, tailored to your body and sleep style. There is more to sleep than just “getting your eight hours”, we’re here to focus and improve on the quality of your sleep as well.

Visit our showroom today to learn more about our natural sleep systems or contact us today.

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