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How to Style Your Home with Accent Lighting

After curating each piece of furniture and perfecting every detail in your home, choosing just the right accent lighting can tie everything together. Unlike ambient or task lighting, accent fixtures showcase a specific area of unique architecture or a highlight a striking new piece of furniture. The use of accent lighting sets the energy of a home, altering a room’s sense of space and expansiveness while guiding the eye like a focal point in a painting.

When choosing the right accent lighting for your room, you’ll want to consider placement, the light’s direction, its fixture and the hue of the light itself. Each variety of lamp can act as accent lighting depending on how it’s placed, though some pieces naturally stand out and catch the eye more than others.

We’ll explore the different ways each category of accent lighting can alter the energy of a room.


From the entryway to the dining room, a classically elegant or sleek, modern chandelier can set the tone of a space. Measurements and logistics, in this case—even more so than other accent lighting—are key. You’ll want to make sure you choose a spot with high enough ceilings to safely hang the piece, or place it above a table or island that is unlikely to move or shift.

Experts suggest finding the correct diameter of your chandelier by combining the measurements of your room in feet, switching this total to inches, and using this for your ideal chandelier diameter.

Chandeliers are one of the strongest ways to make a statement, combining sculpted art with lighting design. Add a minimalistic modern touch with a multi-strand variety of chandelier, such as with the Jug Cluster Chandelier by Cisco Lighting. Choose from a selection of hand-blown glass to match the ambiance and color scheme of a room for a timeless look.

Cisco also offers a more structured, modern solution with their Blossom Chandelier. Each arm projects a burst of light down from its iron center. With a simple, streamlined appearance, this variety of chandelier blends perfectly with a sleek dining room set or modern kitchen design.


Differing slightly from the chandelier, this hanging accent lamp variety concentrates its lighting into a single bulb. The style and form showcase itself on either simple or complex casing, wire, and shade.

Pendant lighting can either be hung in a series of several lamps in a row—such as over a long table—or act as a single pin spot above an accent area of a room. Highlight a reading nook in the living room or on either side of the bed for nighttime reading.

Since hanging lighting has a greater sense of permanence than floor or table lamps, it’s safer to match the design with the architecture of a room opposed to furniture. For example, linear pendant lamps are best placed in a spot where a long counter, dining room table or sideboard are likely to exist no matter how the home changes. The Camur Linear Pendant Lamp incorporates a subtle, natural-wood casing that integrates into a modern home’s aesthetic.

You’ll also want to consider the light’s projected shape as well. The Cerno 19” Calx Pendant casts a square of soft light on a seating area below, extending its effect from the wire to the very beam of light itself.


Anchored to any open wall in the home, sconces help you highlight any specific gathering place or architectural beauty with a flood of light. Add a burst of illumination to an accent wall or line a long hallway with a matching set of sconces. Sconces act as a way to draw the eye around a room or through a portion of a house, such as with the versatile Tersus Sconce. They open up a space and fill the corners of a gathering area with expansive light.

Scones can also act as useful task lighting since they’re often placed in an area that needs a dependable light source. Place the Levo Wall Sconce just by your bedside for nighttime reading and phone charging. Its sleek and simple design includes an extendable reading light arm, plug input, and small shelf for convenience.

Floor Lamps

Work in tandem with your room’s existent design by choosing the floor lamp that both complements your furniture style and elevates the room. Floor lamps provide excellent top and backlighting for intimate and expansive spaces alike, and their adjustable nature allows you to hone in on the specific spot you’re hoping to illuminate. Add a pool of light to a bare corner, create a pocket for study or relaxation, or balance out a seating area by pulling focus to the conversation center of the room.

Cerno designed a subtle and classically sleek option for showcasing the elegance of a room with the Forma Floor lamp, a piece that highlights warm natural wood tones. On the other side of the spectrum, the Ramo Floor Lamp by Cisco lighting makes a bold statement in dark metal, illuminating bursts of light at the end of each individual arm and creating an energetic centerpiece for a living room, entryway or bedroom.

Table Lamps

Even in their diminutive simplicity, table lamps have the ability to directly elevate a statement piece of furniture. They can even transform a simple table or desk into an eye-catching item.

Table lamps tend to range greatly in structure and style, so you have a wider palette to play with when it comes to these types of accent lights. Add a pop of color to an earth-toned room or even tie everything together by choosing a bold hue that’s already worked its way throughout the space. Also be sure to match the style of the lamp with its table or desk—-a delicate side table may not work with an extravagant lamp and vice versa. It should act as an extension of your furniture, adding to its already elegant composition.

Modern spaces pair well with geometric lamps, such as the Silva Table Lamp by Cerno. This accent item truly brings a desk to the forefront of an office or living room. In rooms design for rest and rejuvenation, reflect this energy with a pair of lamps with smooth lines and cool tones, such as the Cisco Jug Table Lamp. This pairs perfectly with the Jug Cluster Chandelier mentioned above—place them in different rooms for a consistent theme throughout the house.

Accent lighting adds a final touch of stylish ambiance to a home. When searching for the next ideal accent lighting for your home, remember to consider proportion, style, and how the light elevates the room and all its unique details.

  • Ali Qari

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