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Green Living

Our team’s mission is to help you create a healthy home. That's why we work with brands that use a combination of quality craftsmanship and the latest technology to create truly sustainable furniture. We want to make it easy for you to furnish your home with beautiful pieces that were made with the best possible practices, both for the health of your family and the future of our planet. However, buying sustainably-made furniture (free from harmful chemical additives) is just one of the many ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some simple tips to help you maintain a sustainable and healthy life at home:

Conserve Water

Limiting the amount of water you use in your home is a simple and effective step to reducing your use of natural resources. Here are some ways that you can start using less water every day:

  1. Consider installing a water saving shower head or a shower timer to limit the amount of water you use to bathe.
  2. Switch to a low-volume toilet. A great alternative to buying a new toilet is to place a full water bottle in the tank of a high-volume toilet to save up to ten gallons of water per day!
  3. Use a dishwasher instead of hand-washing dishes, and only run the dishwasher with a full load.
  4. Routinely check the pipes in your home for leaks - you may be wasting water without even knowing it!


Reduce Electricity Use

Minimizing the amount of electricity you use in your home will help reduce your carbon footprint and lower your bills! Try to make these habits a part of your everyday life to reduce electricity use in your home:

  1. Make use of the natural light in your home before turning on the lights - you’ll be surprised how often you instinctively switch on the lights when you really don't need them!
  2. Switch all of the lightbulbs in your home to LED or CFL bulbs.
  3. Turn off and unplug all electronics at night (yes, even your wifi router!) Staying away from screens late at night will not only reduce your electricity use, but it will help you get better quality sleep.
  4. Use rechargeable batteries. Chargers only cost about $15 and can be used for years, so you will save electricity and money at the same time!


Eat & Shop Sustainably

Switching to a plant-based diet and buying local produce dramatically reduces your carbon footprint, but you can also try out these helpful tips to reduce waste and energy use while preparing meals at home:

  1. Try growing your own herbs and veggies! You only need a small space (a windowsill is perfect) to grow mint, basil, garlic, and more! Check out this simple guide for growing fresh herbs and vegetables at home.
  2. Invest in a pressure cooker. Making a meal in a pressure cooker minimizes the energy used to cook, as well as the water used during clean up.
  3. Make your own coffee at home. If you like going out to a cafe, make sure you support a local business that uses fair trade beans and bring your own travel mug so you are not creating unnecessary waste.
  4. Replace all of the paper products in your kitchen with cloth alternatives. You can even use old t-shirts as dish towels and cleaning rags!

You can read more about the brands that we work with on our Brands Spotlight page. Click here to schedule an appointment at our showroom in Bloomfield, NJ to see our selection of sustainably-made furniture in person!

  • Robin Platte

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